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Let’s Create A Better World – 11.29.17

Former UK RN, (84` – `94) Alison McDermott became disillusioned with mainstream healthcare, leaving the NHS to learn natural health modalities, travelling extensively in Europe, Canada and the US. Alison met the founder of FireburnDoctor 13 years ago, became a student of his work, graduated, (The real NHS – Natural Hyperborean Sciences) and has witnessed his medically impossible results on …

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The Gary Null Show – 08.04.17

GOOGLE SUPPRESSION OF PROGRESSIVE NEWS AND ITS ROLE IN THE DEEP STATE Bruce Dixon is the co-founder and managing editor of the Black Agenda Report, the internet’s leading progressive left non-partisan voice to the African American community. In the past, Bruce was a rank and file member of the Black Panthers in the late 1960s, and later became a leading …


The Gary Null Show – 11.02.15

Dr. Mark Nepo is a poet, philosopher and storyteller who has been writing and speaking on spirituality for over 30 years. He has written extensively on inner transformation, the life of relationships, and dealing with the emotional and spiritual struggles in medical and healing situations. Mark was a professor for 18 years at Albany University and holds doctorate in literature. He has written over 15 books, many of them award-winning national and international bestsellers. In his mid-30s, Mark was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma which let him on a journey of self-discovery during the course of recovery. Among his books are “The Endless Practice” voted one of the best spiritual books of 2014, and now a reissue of his “Inside the Miracle: Enduring Suffering, Approaching Wholeness.” His website is