Expat Files – 08.12.16

#1- Thank god for fearless maids and gardeners: A report on varieties of insects, creatures and critters on the property and in the house. The bugs were here first. We’re the interlopers.     #2-Don’t give your dough to organized charities. You feel good for the moment but are just financing the organizer’s lifestyles: The are many ways Expats can give back to …


Expat Files – 08.07.16

#1-Recent history indicates that Gringos of two particular professions are ahead of the curve when it comes to arranging their Latin American plan “B”. Can you the professions and why that seems to be the case? #2-Have Latin Americans also fallen onto the first-world political correctness trap? Latins love everything first-world and try to copy our good and bad habits, …


Why the Black Hole of Deflation Is Swallowing the Entire World … Even After Central Banks Have Pumped Trillions Into the Economy

Many high-powered people and institutions say that deflation is threatening much of the world’s economy … China may export deflation to the rest of the world. Japan is mired in deflation. Economists are afraid that deflation will hit Hong Kong. The Telegraph reported last week: Read More


Alex Kirby – Tibetan threat to vital water

Hours before the UN climate talks end, a warning from China’s top scientific body –  the twin influences of human activities and climate change are turning much of the Tibetan plateau into a desert. The damage is not only transforming grasslands and wetlands into sand and rock where nothing can grow. The plateau is also the source of Asia’s major …


Eduardo Galeano – God’s Masterpiece or the Devil’s Bad Joke?

Opium was outlawed in China. British merchants smuggled it in from India. Their diligent efforts led to a surge in the number of Chinese dependent on the mother of heroin and morphine, who charmed them with false happiness and ruined their lives. The smugglers were fed up with the hindrances they faced at the hands of Chinese authorities. Developing the …

100 million house

Billionaires Hoard $100 Million Homes At Record Pace: “Beats Gold, Because You Can Boast” – Tyler Durden

Nowhere is the new normal more evident than the frenzied hording of so-called “trophy homes” by the world’s 1800 billionaires.As Bloomberg reports, the ultra-luxury housing market is scaling new heights as a record number of properties around the world command prices topping $100 million. Demand is growing among affluent Americans and Europeans; billionaires from unstable economies, such as Russia and Middle …