Ask Beatty – 05.09.16

Beatty discussed her efforts in attempting to find out the details and status of New York City’s Mental Health Initiative under Mayor De Blasio ….. Are New Yorkers being teased and manipulated? You decide. Retiring Early? Listen to why it may be the kiss of death according to various studies. And finally, listen to Beatty’s sage advice to single people of ALL ages and stages in life who are looking for a relationship.


Ask Beatty – 04.25.16

The USA is reporting a 30 year high in the rate of suicide. Find out who’s most at risk and what we can do to prevent or minimize this tragic state of affairs.

How do we make seeking help for mental health issues ‘cool’? And are you interested in the NYC Mayor’s 850 million dollar mental health initiative status and update? I am. To date, despite my numerous attempts to speak with someone about the initiative, there’s only silence from the Mayor’s and his wife’s office. That’s depressing!