The Vinyl Experience – 03.02.18

VE114 Bobby Darin/Johnny Mercer: Baltimore Oriole Bobby Day: Rockin Robin Buffalo Spring field: Bluebird Paul McCartney: Bluebird Beatles: Blackbird Beatles: And Your Bird Can Sing Oasis: Songbird Anne Murray: Snowbird It’s A Beautiful Day: Whitebird Charlie & Inez Foxx: Mockingbird Grant Lee Buffalo: Mockingbirds Hoagy Carmichael: Baltimore Oriole Police: Canary In A Coal Mine Incubus: While All The Vultures Feed …


Love Lust And Laughter – 05.09.17

Veronica Monet, a relationship and sexuality coach – www.TheShameFreeZone.com – returned to the show. This time she and Dr. Diana spoke about Veronica’s focus in her workshops: Claiming your Erotic Birthright as a Woman. The topics included co-dependency (people-pleasing and control freaks); body image/body shame (very common…with lots of  on-the-air examples); and, the divine feminine (balancing masculine and feminine energies…the …


Meria Heller Show – 04.03.16

Meria interviews John Potash on his latest book “Drugs As Weapons Against Us, The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and Other Activists”. The war on drugs is a war on us; Tupac was a serious political activist as was his family; Co-intel-pro took him out; radical black movements targeted, media never covered them properly; Lennon, Hendrix, Cobain into left politics (thus a threat); Drugs used against them; Brian Jones of the Stones murdered; was Michael Jackson targeted? US intel gets them on drugs, then uses them, then kills them; MKUltra; war on dissidents; anti-war movements; all drugged today; Elvis and his handlers; Lennon on Elvis; Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love/MKUltra; Project Monarch; Assassins for the CIA; Alan Freed-scapegoated; Grateful Dead – who were they? Ronald Stark & U.S. Intel; dosing the Beatles and Stones and so much more.


The Vinyl Experience – 11.27.15


Soundgarden: Black Rain

Jimi Hendrix: Mr. Bad Luck

Coldplay: Life In Technicolor II

David Bowie: Velvet Goldmine

Incubus: A Certain Shade Of Green (acoustic)

Led Zeppelin: Poor Tom

Cream: Lawdy Mama

Radiohead: Talk Show Host

Pink Floyd: Embryo

The Who: Water

The Police: Someone To Talk To

Rolling Stones: Worried About You

U2: A Celebration

John Lennon: Nobody Told Me


A Bowl of Soul – 09.25.15

The Great I Am – Joe Douglass & Spirit of Praise – Gospel – 2015
Eric B. Is President – Eric B. & Rakim – Hip Hop – 1986
Soulfinger – The Barkays – R&B – 1967
Down in the Valley – Otis Redding – R&B – 1965
Hangin On – Marvin Gaye – R&B – 1964
The Best Thing You Ever Had – Candi Staton – R&B – 1968
Night Time In The Switching Yard – Warren Zevon – Funk\R&B – 1978
Do You Remember-The Professor – www.pearlsofblack.com – 2015
Remember The Time – Michael Jackson – R&B – 1992
Ashley – Senerio – R&B – 2015
Without You – R’Mone Entonio – R&B – 2015
Real Thing – Matt Newsome – R&B – 2015