The Gary Null Show – 12.01.16

Today On The Gary Null SHow, Gary talks with Dr. Michael Hudson on The status of the US economy. Dr. Michael Hudson is one of our nation’s finest and most important economists and Wall Street financial analysts. Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s recently called him “the world’s best economist.” He is currently the President of The Institution for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends and was the Chief Economic Policy Advisor for the Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign. Dr. Hudson has served as an advisor to the White House, State and Defense departments at the Hudson Institute, in addition to the United Nations Institute where he became a specialist in global economics. He has written many books and important papers and articles, his most publication being “Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy” which goes into great depth in explaining how the polarization of the 1% versus 99% emerged. His website is In the second half of the show gary offers his listeners a special deal on his products.



President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to make slashing regulations a “cornerstone” of his administration. On the campaign trail, Trump suggested as many as 70 percent of federal regulations “can go” and also proposed a moratorium on new rules. With control of both chambers, congressional Republicans are also eager to roll back Obama’s regulatory legacy. And they have a number of …


Black Agenda Radio – 10.31.16

Welcome, to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. Washington, DC is the site, this weekend, for a National Black Political Convention on Self-Determination. The event was organized by the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, which has rallied and marched on the White House every November since President Obama’s first year in office. Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela says Black Is Back is determined to put Black self-determination back on the agenda. Much of the world would agree that the current U.S. presidential campaign is one of the strangest in modern times. Not only did the Republicans and Democrats nominate the nation’s two most unpopular politicians, but the election is occurring when the entire capitalist system is in crisis. We spoke with Dr. Anthony Monteiro, the Duboisian scholar with the Black Radical Organizing Committee. If you believe the U.S. corporate media, then you probably think that the people of Venezuela are starving, and that most of them are out in the streets demanding the head of President Nicholas Maduro and the overthrow of his Socialist Party government. But is any of that true? We asked Dr. George Ciccariello-Maher, who teaches politics at Drexel University, and is author of the book, “We Created Chavez: A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolution.” Political prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney turned 68 years old this month, still serving a 2 ½ to ten year sentence on election tampering charges. Marcina Cole was a courtroom observer at Rev. Pinkney’s trial, in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She teamed up with David Sole, of the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice, to visit Pinkney in prison and to arrange a birthday party for him, in Detroit. And that it’s for this edition of Black Agenda Radio. Be sure to visit us at, where you’ll find a new and provocative issue, each Wednesday. That’s It’s the place for news, commentary and analysis, from the Black Left.


CJ HOPKINS – How America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the War on Terror

The “War on Terror,” which former President George W. Bush officially launched in late-September 2001, and which President Obama officially rebranded as “The Series of Persistent Targeted Efforts to Dismantle Specific Networks of Violent Extremists That Threaten America” in May 2013, has, at this point (i.e. fifteen years into it), become our official consensus reality … or in other words, …


NORMAN POLLACK – America and the Trump Conundrum

Trump is patently semi-fascist. His devouring ethnocentrism (American Greatness) and xenophobia (Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim) confirms a structural-ideological process at work of social Nazification underpinned by his dedication to wealth and amorphous quest for power. In this respect he is the easy target of liberals and progressives, both Democrats as a whole and a moderate segment of Republicans, as well as the …


Tranqualizer Dart Guns For Children With ADHD: FDA Approved!

Washington | The FDA announced it gave its approval for the marketing release of their new anesthetic dart guns, specifically designed to calmchildren suffering from ADHD. The new product is capable of putting a child to sleep in less than 4 seconds and reportedly has no serious long-term effects on the health of children. These new tools specifically created to assist parents with children suffering from ADHD, have a practical range of approximately 10 to 12 feet (3 to 4 meters) and their effect is meant to last for a period of 4 to 6 hours per injection. The manufacturer advises, however, not …


FDA fails to act: Women have 2x the risk to develop an adverse drug reaction compared to men

The gender earnings gap has made headlines recently as political campaigns argue over the issues. But there is another gender gap that gets little attention: the adverse drug reaction risk for women.  Why is the FDA ignoring this problem? From unsafe medical devices to inadequate clinical trials for drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has turned a blind eye to the unique …


While Clinton Backed 2011 Trade Deal, Sanders Foresaw Panama Papers Fiasco

‘Panama is a world leader when it comes to allowing wealthy Americans and large corporations to evade US taxes,’ Sanders told Congress in 2011. Who could have predicted that the global tax evasion by the world’s ultra-rich, made public this week with the release of the Panama Papers, was ushered in with the help of a free trade agreement? Turns out, Sen. Bernie Sanders …