Amnesty highlights ‘disturbing rise’ in global executions

A surge in the number of executions recorded worldwide saw more people put to death last year than at any point since 1989, Amnesty International says. At least 1,634 people were executed in 2015, a rise of more than 50% on the previous year, the group found in its review of the use of the death penalty. Iran, Pakistan and …


Anti-Asian Sentiment Taking College Campuses by Storm

USC foreign exchange student Ivan Tsang was the target of eggs and epithets earlier this week for doing nothing other than being Asian.  “Ching chang chong motherf—– gay,” a white student allegedly yelled repeatedly while trying to pelt Tsang with three eggs, according to Tsang’s Facebook post. This comes 6 months after someone at a USC fraternity hurled a drink at an Indian student by calling her …


Leid Stories – 03.08.16

Election 2016: The Duopoly’s Self-Inflicted Wounds Are A Timely Gift

The 2016 presidential primaries continue apace, with contests in Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi today that will put Democratic and Republican frontrunners even closer to their goal of winning nomination. But there’s trouble—big trouble—in both camps that largely are self-inflicted wounds and the consequences of a fundamentally undemocratic process. The duopoly’s crisis is a gift we’ve been waiting for, says Leid Stories, and we should make the most of it.


Larry Schwartz – 10 New Ways Other Countries Are Actually Solving Problems—and Kicking Our Ass

The Presidential candidates have been sounding off for almost two years now, pointing out (or in many cases manufacturing) all of America’s problems, and offering solutions they believe will make them the next President. The candidates, especially to the right of the political spectrum, extoll America as being exceptional, and they score empty points with voters by talking about how …


Christian Christensen – US Violence Breeds a Language of the Grotesque

Another week, another series of school and university shootings in the US, and another chance to hear phrases such as “active shooter” and “campus lockdown” repeated over and over by police, school administrators and journalists. These phrases – chilling in their clinicalness – are not only stark examples of the militarization of the language of everyday life, but also reminders of how the language …


Paul Craig Roberts – The Dying Institutions Of Western Civilization

The US no longer has a judiciary. This former branch of government has transitioned into an enabler of executive branch fascism. Privacy is a civil liberty protected by the US Constitution. The Constitution relies on courts to enforce its prohibitions against intrusive government, but if the executive branch claims (no proof required) “national security,” courts kiss the Constitution good-bye. Federal …


Expat Files – 08.16.15

-There are many potential problems with Latina/Gringo love matches… let me count the ways: Gringo/Latin romantic relationships face many cultural clashes(i.e. religion, language, music, family, friends, Exes, etc.) Even so, long term gringos will freely admit the mistakes they’ve made in that regard seem to start early- often they were a bit desperate and lonely upon arrival in Latin America, looking for love in all the wrong place

-How about the countless cases where a good and generous gringo boyfriend and/or husband ends up as a perpetual meal ticket for his Latin lady’s extended family? That common situation often causes much friction and eventual breakup

-What happens when a Gringo ends up in Latin family court?
Just lately, Latin family courts have been stacked with female judges. Thus, after decades of all male macho rule and edict Latin women are finally getting a shot at ending, or at least limiting, centuries of cart blanche “testosterone” rule of law. So these days, as far as family court, for men the pendulum often swings the other way. Women are now capable of getting a sort of legal revenge… and men are yelling foul. Sound familiar?

-A clueless, stupid Gringo gets nailed in Latin Family Court: a true story


Follow the consult link on the main page at www.ExpatWisdom.com and Johnny will help you sort out your Latin American plans.

EXCLUSIVE: Why SB 277 will totally backfire on the vaccine industry and uncover the truth about vaccine science fraud by Mike Adams

One of the reasons vaccine propagandists are so cognitively impaired is because they’ve all been partially brain damaged by the very same vaccines they keep pushing on everyone else. As a result, not a single one of them had yet come to realize how they’ve painted themselves into a corner with SB 277. In fact, SB 277 will disastrously backfire on the …

obese states

Obesity Rate Lowest in Hawaii, Highest in Mississippi by Justin McCarthy and Diana Liu

Nationally, obesity rate rises to 27.7% in 2014 Obesity rates highest in Southern and Midwestern states Higher obesity rates linked to lower well-being WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hawaii residents were the least likely to be obese in 2014, and Hawaii was the only state where fewer than one in five residents are obese. Mississippi had the highest obesity rate in the …