‘Quite Disturbing’: Leaked Docs Reveal How Easily FBI Can Spy on Journalists

Newly leaked documents published by The Intercept expose just how easy it is for the FBI to spy on journalists using so-called National Security Letters (NSLs). The classified rules, which had previously been released only in heavily redacted form, “show that the FBI imposes few constraints on itself when it bypasses the requirement to go to court and obtain subpoenas or search warrants before accessing …


Martin Guzman – Wall Street’s worst vulture hedge funds are making a killing by undermining the global economy

Recently, a resonant legal victory of hedge funds over Argentina has captured the attention of the global community. The hedge funds in this case aren’t run of the mill investment shops, however. Popularly known as vulture funds, their modus operandi is to buy up the debt of countries suffering crises at bargain prices, only to fiercely litigate with them afterwards. They …


Gareth Porter – The Classified ’28 Pages’: A Diversion From Real US-Saudi Issues

The controversy surrounding the infamous “28 pages” on the possible Saudi connection with the terrorists that were excised from the joint Congressional report on the 9/11 attacks is at fever pitch. But that controversy is a distraction from the real problems that Saudi Arabia’s policies pose to the United States and the entire Middle East region. The political pressure to …


Matt Taibbi – Why the Banks Should Be Broken Up

Paul Krugman wrote an op-ed in the New York Times today called “Sanders Over the Edge.” He’s been doing a lot of shovel work for the Hillary Clinton campaign lately, which is his right of course. The piece eventually devolves into a criticism of the character of Bernie Sanders, but it’s his take on the causes of the ’08 crash that really …


The Gary Null Show – 01.15.16

Alexis Baden-Mayer is a Washington-based lawyer and activist serving as the Political Director of the Organic Consumers Organization and its Fund. She is the co-editor with the Organic Consumers Organization’s director Ronnie Cummins of its newsletter Organic Bytes, which reaches nearly 300,000 subscribers. Alexis has organized many grassroots campaigns, including Millions Against Monsanto, Coming Clean (to remove false “organic” claims from cosmetics), Safeguard Organic Standards (to keep USDA organic standards high), USDA Watch (to close the revolving door between federal regulatory agencies and the biotech lobby), and Organic Transitions (to shift from climate-destabilizing industrial food production to carbon-sequestering sustainable agriculture). Before joining OCA, Alexis was the Government Relations Director for Vote Hemp, the National Field Director for the Marijuana Policy Project, and a lobbyist for a coalition to restore federal loan access to students with drug convictions. Her organization’s main website is OrganicConsumers.org


Dave Johnson – Don’t Be Misled; The TPP Is Still Coming Full Steam

Recently there have been news reports that Republicans are going to delay TPP until after the 2016 elections. Do not be misled; this is a bargaining ploy. They want the Obama administration to make “side agreements” that give corporations even more. We have to keep up the fight, and keep getting the word out. People opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership …


Ask Beatty – 07.27.15

When is medicine absolutely necessary when treating psychiatric disorders?  What do the officer who arrested Sandra Bland for not signaling and Bill Cosby have in common?  What legal penalties should they be required to pay? Listen to Beatty’s analysis of these issues and more! Download this episode (right click and save)

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ACTION ALERT: NPR Celebrates Fast-Track Victory With an All-Corporate Lobbyist Segment By Jim Naureckas

After the Senate joined the House of Representatives in granting President Barack Obama fast-track authority to negotiate trade agreements,National Public Radioaired one report (Morning Edition, 6/25/15) on the legislative action that paves the way for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and other corporate-friendly international deals. The report, by correspondent Yuki Noguchi, had three sources: Business Roundtable president John …


Killing a Nation With Euphemisms: TPP-Eats-Medicare Edition – By William Rivers Pitt

This week, legislation to give President Obama fast-track trade agreement authority (TPA) will take its star turn in the GOP-controlled Senate. The cloture vote is said to be taking place on Tuesday, and if the 60-vote threshold is reached, the final vote on the bill will happen the same day, or on Wednesday. More importantly, however, is the following vote, …

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‘A Great Day for Corporate America’: US Senate Passes Fast Track – Deirdre Fulton

The cloture motion to end debate needed 60 votes and it got just that, passing the chamber 60-37. The full roll call is here. A final vote will come on Wednesday. Having overcome the biggest hurdle, the legislation is expected to pass, and will then be sent to President Barack Obama’s desk to become law. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who campaigned vigorously against …