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Paul Fassa – Federal Government Works with Pharmaceutical Companies to Prevent Natural Cures

In the United States today, the federal government controls which substances can be used to treat diseases, and which ones cannot. In general, only pharmaceutical drugs which can be patented are allowed. In many cases, either the FDA decides certain health claims about natural substances are invalid and bans it, or the DEA claims certain plants, such as cannabis, are …


Martha Rosenberg – Pharma Prepares for Profit Party under Trump

Even before a Clinton concession speech, Pharma stocks were hopping and Wall Street saluting over a Trump administration. No pesky price regulation over drugs like EpiPen! No pesky safety regulation over blood thinning drugs like drug Xarelto, linked to 500 deaths. No speed bumps when Pfizer et al seeks to dodge U.S. taxes by incorporating overseas–the same taxes that fund …


Deirdre Fulton – Big Pharma Preps to Spend Hundreds of Millions to Keep Drug Prices High

Facing an increasingly outraged public, the leading Big Pharma lobby group is hiking its annual dues by more than 50 percent as it prepares to defend its pharmaceutical company members against lawmakers and voters who want to rein in out-of-control drug prices. Politico reported Tuesday that “PhRMA hopes to improve its public image next year and stave off any legislative …

Disturbing US Fact: Over 1 Million 0-5 Year Olds Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs!

The data, as reported by IMS Health, the largest and most credible source of prescribing data in the United States, is staggering: 274,804 babies, 370,778 toddlers and 500,948 preschoolers have been prescribed psychiatric drugs so powerful that they carry 386 international drug regulatory warnings. In total, the number of 0-5 year olds prescribed dangerous and life-threatening drugs psychiatric drugs is …


Paul Buchheit – Five Deadly Sins of Big Pharma

For Mylan, it was a perfect plan—diabolical, unstoppable. The company made changes in its anti-allergy EpiPen dispenser in 2009, enough to give it patent protection. Then, in 2012, it began to give away free pens to schools, gradually making school nurses at least partly dependent on them. Meanwhile the company was successfully lobbying for the “Emergency Epinephrine Act,” commonly referred to as the “EpiPen Law,” …


Michael Winship – Trading Politics for Medical Profits

Cash and carry has become nothing more than standard operating procedure in politics and government, and it’s wrecking the republic. The whole system is rotten to the core, corrupted by big business and special interests from the seventh son to the seventh son. Or daughter, as we learned these past few days when the news introduced us to Heather Bresch, …


The Gary Null Show – 08.31.16

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up the program with the latest in health and healing. Gary also plays some audio clips covering how EpiPen makers pay for Clinton Foundation admin costs and how Former Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf explains why we should be skeptical of overly theatrical news stories. Propaganda is legal! This took place at the 2014 Free State Project’s Liberty Forum. In the second half of the program Gary Null speaks with guest Dr. Mari Swingle on How i-technology – excessive use of mobile phones, computers, gaming and social media are altering our brains and behavior. Dr. Mari Swingle is a board certified neurotherapist with extensive experience in the worlds of education and clinical psychology. In 1997 she founded the Swingle Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia – a state of art psychoneurophysiological clinic dedicated to a biological approach to healing neurological and brain disorders including ADHD, depression, addictions, PTSD, stroke, brain injury and many others. Her clinic also works with brain optimization techniques for persons seeking to enhance their mental and learning skills. A substantial amount of her practice has dealt with children struggling with learning and behavioral problems. During her practice she observed an emerging trend, she terms i-interference, whereby more and more people show mental and behavioral changes due to excessive use of screen-based technologies. Today, Dr. Swingle is recognized as one of the few international experts on the effects of i-technology upon brain biology and behavior. She is the author of “i-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming and Social Media are Changing Our Brains, Our Behavior and the Evolution of Our Species.” Mari’s website is drmariswingle.com


Warrior Connection – 10.11.15

Warrior Connection covered medical research programs needing vets.

Researcher contacted me and ask that all be notified…..Study out of Texas…..
At least 1 in 4 of the 700,000 U.S. Veterans who served in the 1990-1991 Gulf War suffer from Gulf War Illness (GWI). Despite considerable research, effective treatments remain elusive. GWI refers to a complex of symptoms that typically include widespread chronic pain, persistent headache, memory and concentration problems, gastrointestinal difficulties, sleep disturbances and unexplained fatigue.