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Keeping Democracy Alive – States Crack Down On Dissent – 03.25.18

Much of the national agenda is enacted at the state level. The popular protests of The Dakota Access Pipeline scared the crap out of oil companies and they are using something called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) to draft cookie-cutter legislation at the state level to make such protests illegal. Attaching exceptionally harsh civil liability or even severe criminal punishment …


Nature Bats Last – 03.08.18

Today’s guest on Nature Bats Last is award winning Truthout.org staff reporter Dahr Jamail. Dahr has reported extensively as an un-imbedded journalist in Iraq, he covered the Deep Water Horizon spill in the Gulf and in recent years concentrated on the climate crisis. Dahr’s personal website is http://www.dahrjamail.net/ Download this episode (right click and save)