Energy Stew – Andrew Faas & bullying in the workplace – 10.02.15

Bullying in the workplace can be a disaster for companies. It’s kind of a survival of the fittest without realizing the damage that that type of competition can create. Andrew Faas has written “The Bully’s Trap” to show how difficult this problem is and what steps need to be taken for change.

Michael Bloomberg fought against bullying laws and argued that it would drive business away from New York. Many CEOs agree with him.

Listen to this important show to learn what can be done to improve the workplace and save many people from having their working lives and reputations ruined by abuse.

pair of chimps

In Historic Ruling, Pair of Chimpanzees Recognized as ‘Legal Persons’ – Nadia Prupis

For the first time in U.S. history, a judge has effectively recognized two chimpanzees as legal persons, in an order Monday which will allow a pair of research primates—Hercules and Leo—to seek relief from unlawful imprisonment. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe on Monday granted the chimps a writ of habeas corpusthat will require Stony Brook University, where they are being kept …