Warrior Connection-11.27.16

The Nov 27 edition of Warrior Connection was a about poetry, love, stories, and “good old times” with Bonnie Rokke Tinnes of Bemidji, Mjnneota.. Bonnie is a published poet and author of “Growing Up Maragret” series that is about a young girl in 1950’s- 1060’s Northern Minnesota. Given Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize we will be doing a follow up- second program with Duluth’s (Minnesota) Dylan Fest folks.


Will Traditional Chinese Medicine ever go mainstream?

Dr Quansheng Lu, an acupuncturist, at his Chinese herbal pharmacy in the Wholelife Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Center in Rockville, Maryland, on Dec 8. Provided to China Daily. At the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, one of the largest and most prestigious medical universities in the world, hundreds of the world’s top medical researchers and practitioners listened as a Chinese lady …


11 Quick Reasons to Dislike DuPont as Much as Monsanto

Sure, Monsanto is listed as one of the most hated companies on the planet, but what about other biotechnology giants such as DuPont? This company has been terrorizing the planet for far too long, but they hide easily in Monsanto’s ominous shadow. It’s easy to lose sight of the other companies that are just as responsible for ruining our food supply …