Energy Stew – Ronelle Wood – 07.01.16

Is your fascia really that important? – Energy Stew interview with Ronelle Wood

If it weren’t for your fascia, everything except your skin and bones would be piled up down near your feet.

Not only does it hold everything in place but it also helps your body work together. It’s part of your body’s intelligence system and needs to be treated with great respect.

Once you realize how important your fascia is you can take more responsibility for it. The medical world hasn’t learned to do so and they don’t even recommend fascial remediation after surgeries to help the body return to normal.

Healthy fascia makes for a healthy body and there are experts who perform “myofascial release” and know how to work with it. Fascia even conducts a fiber optic network through its tubules and that’s how a lot of the body can speak with itself even faster than the nerves can communicate.

I’m interviewing, Ronelle Wood, the author of”Touching Light, How to Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia”to learn how this system works and how much we can do for it. She works out in California and fortunately I know some wonderful practitioners here in NYC, Shelby Werwa and Kate Hildebrandt and have had some great fascial work done on my “getting a little older” body.



Independent Producer, Interpreter and indomitable force Jo Ann Dean (www.signmation.com) shares her multi-prong work that will ultimately have all films accessible for everyone. A mission equally significant to Michele Spitz (www.womanofherword.com ) – voice-over artist, philanthropist and trail blazer, to also have films and more accessible. These two remarkable woman share with Mark how their life experiences shaped their goals, how their lives intersected and through their tireless effort the movie industry will be inclusive.

Plus, the NFL’s long overdue admission that constant blows to one’s noggin while playing America’s most dangerous sport is hazardous and why this statement comes now. This and more all while Mark sports his new kilt during one of the most beloved and despised days in NYC.

Have Mark speak at your school, college, corporation on overcoming adversity, resiliency and much more. Info at: www.markfarrellmotivation.com


Ask Beatty – 02.29.16

Alternative Medicine….Case Study

You visit one doctor after another, looking for symptom relief. But not only do your symptoms persist, but you are told that your problems are idiopathic.
My guest today is Dr. Serena Goldstein, a Naturopath in private practice in NYC. Her insight will give you alternative ways to think about your treatment, whatever your issues may be.

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The Mark Riley Show – 06.17.15

Trump runs for President (this time for real, he says ). As Gothamist says, one more on the clown bus. Why is he running? Jeb Bush is also running, but so what? This is about Donald!

New York rent regulations expire amid last minute talks. This is a disgrace of epic proportions. Legislators are paid to pass laws so things like this don’t happen. And what were they debating while the rent reg deadline came and went? Just ask ‘em.