Smart Show – 05.18.15

Sean McElwee to discuss Sean’s Opinion article for Al Jazeera America on Obamacare and the 2016 Presidential race. saying 2016 DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES NEED TO EMBRACE OBAMACARE
· …. and how the left should learn to love Affordable Care Act, a landmark extension of the welfare state. He writes, “The Affordable Care Act is probably the most progressive policy Americans born after the Great Society will witness in their lifetimes. It has saved tens of thousands of Americans from premature death and has already insured more than 12 million people. It has already defined Barack Obama’s legacy and will inevitably be at the center of the 2016 election. So why do so many on the left despise it?” Read more here: http://america.aljazeera.com/opinions/2015/5/in-2016-democrats-need-to-embrace-obamacare.html

The Wolves of Psycho Street: America’s Economic Enslavement by the Psychopathic Corporate Elite

Richard Gale & Gary Null February 24, 2014 Is it only me or is there something fundamentally flawed with the people who are running our government? This includes the thousands of policymakers, opinion leaders, oligarchs, autocrats and technocrats, the hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats and their loyal underlings, including millions within the corporatocracy who facilitate the maintenance of power. Does …