Infectious Myth – Sinead McCarthy on Undisturbed Birth – 08.04.15

In episode 68 David talks with Sinead McCarthy about undisturbed or unassisted birth, in which a woman, and her partner, take full responsibility for the birth, without even a doula or midwife. They talk about the medicalization and institutionalization of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, and how birth is a natural process that can be reclaimed by mothers.

Sinead recommends the writings of Sarah Buckley, MD, author of “Gentle Birth. Gentle Mothering” (http://sarahbuckley.com) and of Michel Odent, MD, a male surgeon who pioneered a much more natural and humane approach to birth (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Odent). She also recommends the website of two midwives who opted out of licensing to gain more freedom:http://www.indiebirth.com

Sinead’s own website is: http://sacredmaternity.com