The Gary Null Show – 10.02.15

Dr. Mark Weisbrot is the co-director, with Dean Baker, of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington DC, specializing in domestic and international economic policy and US economic relations with Latin America. He is a frequently contributor on economic policy issues for the Guardian, McClatchy, Brazil’s largest newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, and other major newspapers. Mark is also the President of Just Foreign Policy, an independent non profit organization dedicated to reforming US foreign policy based upon diplomacy, cooperation and international law. Mark has a PhD in economics from the University of Michigan and co-wrote the screenplay with Tariq Ali for Oliver Stone’s film “South of the Border” – about leftist governments in Latin America. He is author of a new book, just released this week – “Failed: What the Experts Got Wrong About the Global Economy.” His organization’s website where you can find his writings is CEPR.org


Project Censored – 05.19.15

Historian Peter Kuznick joins the program to speak about vital historical information that often isn’t taught in US schools, such as the massive death toll of the Vietnam War, or the predominant role of the USSR in the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II. Peter Kuznick teaches history at American University; he’s co-author of “Untold History of the United States,” and co-producer (with Oliver Stone) of the Untold History cable-TV series. The program concludes with audio excerpts from the Untold History TV series.