To Hell with Neoliberal Environmentalism

I was poised to write a piece on the linkage between present-day veneration of duplicitous political elites and the crisis of national identity when I found the following op-ed in the Guardian: How to make a profit from defeating climate change It is subtitled “Given the right information, investors will deliver the best climate solutions” and co-written by Michael Bloomberg …

Stephen Barrett and Medical McCarthyism

  Page 1 of 67 Stephen Barrett and Medical McCarthyism By S.L & R.A (Concerned that those who engage in uncontested attacks against supporters of alternative health would misconstrue me and my co-author as such, we mean to clarify the following: we are not advocates of the alternative health movement, rather, we are advocates and supporters of truth. – S.L …


DAVID SWANSON – Public Relations Firm Claims to Have Ghost Written Thousands of Op-Eds in Major U.S. Newspapers

Laura Bentz of Keybridge Communications describes her company as “a boutique PR firm — founded by a former writer for the Wall Street Journal — that specializes in writing and placing op-eds. With some of the country’s most influential trade groups and global corporations as clients, we run many of the major op-ed campaigns in the U.S. We place roughly 3,000 op-eds …


Infectious Myth – Addiction is not a Disease – 11.10.15

In episode 79 David talks with Marc Lewis who has unique experience in the area of drug addiction, as both a former addict, and today a neuroscientist and professor of developmental psychology at Radboud University in Holland. He described his personal voyage into and out of addiction in his 2011 book, “Memoirs of an Addicted Brain”. His recently published book, “The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is Not a Disease” is titled to illustrate his conclusion that addiction is desire gone wrong, and that the addict gets trapped into a vicious cycle of desire, use, disappointment, repeat. David observes that loneliness, separation and isolation are a common factor at the start of many addiction stories, and that drugs only worsen this (as does imprisonment, the other common approach to drug addiction).

For more information on Marc Lewis, see his Wikipedia page at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_David_Lewis


Infectious Myth – Judicial Abuse of Children – 10.13.15

David discusses judicial abuse of children in custody battles with the sisters Hope and Elizabeth Loudon. Just a few years ago, when they were 14 and refused to spend time with their father, they were put in handcuffs and spent several days locked in a juvenile detention facility before the judge backed down and eventually gave full custody to the mother. Many other situations do not end nearly as well. The sisters wrote an article in the Washington Post describing a situation in which three children claimed their father was abusive, but this led to them being sent to juvenile detention. An international outcry ended up changing this to a summer camp. But afterwards, rather than giving custody to the mother, even partial custody, the judge awarded full custody to the father.


Nadia Prupis – Recession Continues for Record Number of Homeless Students

The number of homeless children attending public schools in the U.S. has doubled since before the 2008 recession, reaching a record national total of 1.36 million in the 2013-2014 school year, according to new federal statistics released Monday. As the so-called recovery continues to bypass millions of Americans, the new data helps shed light on some of the challenges and …


Jeff Faux – Breaking News: The Rich Discover Inequality

After forty years of rising income and wealth inequality, some of America’s rich seem worried that maybe things have gone too far. In a recent New York Times Op Ed (August 9), for example, Peter Georgescu, CEO emeritus of the multinational public relations firm, Young and Rubicon, wrote that he is “scared” of a backlash that might lead to social …


Patrick Martin – Pentagon manual justifies war crimes and press censorship

The lead editorial Monday in the New York Times has brought to the attention of the general public the Pentagon’s issuance of a major new document defining rules of conduct on the battlefield for US military personnel and their commanders. The Law of War Manual, a massive 1,165-page document, was published in June, but was initially discussed exclusively in blogs …


Koch-backed Group Calls for End of National Parks By Joan McCarter

The National Park system is broke, argues Reed Watson, the executive director at the Koch-backed Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) in an op-ed, so the only thing to do about it is stop creating national parks [3]. Because, of course, actually funding them is out of the question. “True conservation is taking care of the land and water you already have, …

climate denialism

Us and Them: On Understanding Climate Denialism

So we’re in the midst of another round of climate-change related mud slinging. The latest issue of National Geographic, “The War on Science”, was seen to sneer at the 130 million American who don’t believe in human induced climate change. The Washington Times‘ Stephen Moore fired back with an emotional op-ed titled “The Myth of Settled Science,” and to go by the pundits …