Expat Files – 09.20.15

-Johnny answers some candid questions about what it was like for him to work for years on various Latin stations; the lone gringo radio host and DJ guy. What was it like doing Latin big-city morning drive time as well as evening rush hour traffic in a huge Latin market where no one at the station spoke English? Who listened? Was he censored? Was he fired? Did he get beat up or shot at?

-A “boots on the ground” analysis of the unprecedented presidential election results in Guatemala: One corrupt psychopath shoe-in candidate spent $20 million and bought millions of votes with cash and giveaways; a second favored candidate “dragon lady” spent $5 million, while a completely unknown small business guy, theatrical producer, actor and part time clown spent $200k. Guess who won?

-Which Latin cites have the most dangerous public transportation systems (as in getting robbed or mugged)? What Latin city is most dangerous for woman travelers? What cites have the most crooked taxi drivers?


Expat Files – 09.04.15

-A update on the Latin American real estate bubble

-Can you guess the three biggest complaints gringos and expats have once they’ve moved into a house or apartment down in Latin America? Also, some tips on how one should deal with them

-Rarely do Latin countries get mentioned at all in first-world news headlines. Seems that unless there’s a big disaster, catastrophic loss of life, volcano blast, tsunami or scandal of epic proportions; the first-world media pretty much doesn’t give a rip about their short, brown neighbors south of the border. North Americans just aren’t interested. So then, why recently has little “off the toursit trail” Guatemala been getting a few 1st world media mentions here and there? Turns out, in the past few weeks there’s been some extraordinary political shenanigans happening down there. So by popular demand, today we have an overview along with some clarifications regarding the weird and unprecedented political and social events going on in that small Central American country.


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