NDC Savings Club – 11.11.15

Today Show: Chi

Guest Speaker: Victor Reyes http://livelifewell.co/

Victor Reyes is the founder of LiveLifeWell.co, and an active Health and Wellness Life Coach. He is also a practitioner and instructor of Bio-energy Healing, Qi-Gong (Chi Kung), and various other aspects of life-wellness.

The main focus at LiveLifeWell.co, is to promote life-wellness, and to provide its’ members and visitors with information, and simple techniques and tools, that will inspire them to seek and maintain a lifestyle of wellness and well-being.

Good health is derived from a state of well-being in which all of the components of the person are healthy and in balance with each other. We are in essence, chemical energy beings. In order to achieve good health, the energy system, known as life-force, which exists within and around us, must be flowing and well-balanced. This life-force energy system is known around the world by many different names. For example, it’s known as Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India, Ankh in Egypt, etc. Life-force energy may have different names and descriptions, but it’s all the same thing. The energy must flow unhampered, or the body becomes ill. It’s relatively easy for a person to feel their own life-force energy, and to ensure that it’s flowing properly.


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Whole Foods, long nicknamed “Whole Paycheck” by some shoppers, has been overcharging New York City customers for pre-packed food. According to a statement released [3] by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, the upscale chain has “routinely overstated the weights of its pre-packaged products — including meats, dairy and baked goods,” while inflating the prices of those items. The agency says that after …