Robert L. Borosage - Why Is Washington Still Pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

As the presidential campaign hobbles through its last dispiriting days, the central concerns of voters are getting lost amid the screech of scandal, real and invented. This election isn’t about Clinton’s “damned emails” or Trump’s Putin bromance. What’s really driving this election is a mounting populist anger that has roiled both parties. These forces aren’t new, as John Judis notes …


The Gary Null Show – 09.05.16

Today on a special Labor Day edition of The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up the program with the latest in health and healing, In the second half of the program Gary plays a long audio clip on Clinton Corruption Proven – Marc Rich, Denise Rich and the Clinton Foundation. The first half is about Marc Rich, Denise Rich and the “most flagrant abuse of a Presidential pardon in United States history.” The second half is about the corruption the Clintons maintain through the Clinton Foundation.

Obama americas summit

Obama, Corporate “Free Traitors” and You! – Ralph Nader

President Obama standing with U.S. Trade Representive Michael Froman outside the White House in June of 2013. Froman was nominated by the president for the top position and is now among the key targets of protests and critics who are decrying the administration’s trade policy. (Photo: Larry Downing/Reuters) The pro-big business President Barack Obama and his corporate allies are starting …