The Gary Null Show – 09.28.16

Today on The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up the program with the latest in health and healing, Gary shows you the health benefits of ginseng and almonds, how breast feeding is associated w/ better brain development. Gary covers topics with climate change. In the second half of the program Gary talks with guest Prof. Henry Giroux on How the US is at war with itself and why this is contributing to the growing authoritarianism in our domestic and foreign policies while sharing some commentaries. Professor Henry Giroux (Jeer-oh) holds the Global Television Network Chair of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Ontario Canada. He was previously the Waterbury Chair Professor at Penn State University and Director of the Forum in Education and Cultural Studies. Professor Giroux is a leader in the field of critical and public pedagogy which describes the nature of spectacle in our new media, body politic and corporate education. He is a prominent advocate of radical democracy, which opposes the powers of neoliberalism, corporatism, and religious fundamentalism that diminishes our sense of civic virtue, free-thought and well being. He has also been named among the top fifty educational thinkers of the modern Period. Henry has authored many and most recently “America at War with Itself”. His website is HenryAGiroux.com


Black Agenda Radio – 06.08.15

Black Lives Matter Movement is Dominant Theme at Left Forum

“The powerful movements that have raised the slogan ‘No Justice-No Peace’ in Ferguson, Baltimore and across the country have shaken American politics out of its lethargy,” said Paul Jay, senior editor at The Real News Network, at the annual Left Forum conference at John Jay College, in New York City. However, the wealthy classes are unable to respond to a changing nation and world. “War is the only answer they have. Our ruling elites are dysfunctional: they’re not fit to rule,” said Jay, moderator of the discussion on “Indicting and Transforming the Systems of State and Capitalism: From Ferguson to Baltimore and Beyond.”