New Show Coming To PRN April 3rd: CoffeeTalk.co “Let’s Talk Crypto!”

CoffeeTalk.co “Let’s Talk Crypto!”   GRAB A CUPPA COFFEE AND LET’S TALK CRYPTO! Join us each TUESDAY at 11am EST for our one-hour ALIVE IN NEW YORK “audience participation” RADIO SHOW that focuses on seven specific areas of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technology: WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHY 1.  History, Current Events & Education – Learning and understanding the future of digital currency SHOW ME THE …


Visionaries – 03.27.17

What do you believe that almost no one else believes?” This is Peter Thiel’s favorite question when he is interviewing. It helps him find people who think for themselves, something that seems to become more rare every day. For example, look at what Bjorn Lomborg‏, Matt Ridley, and Michael Crichton have to say about global warming, and then see who else dares say such things. Today we explore the unexplorable.


Nadia Prupis – Wall Street and Private Prisons ‘Licking Their Lips’ Over Trump Presidency

A new report from the research organization In the Public Interest (ITPI) highlights the banks that finance the private prison industry—and with a Trump administration on the horizon, they could be in for a windfall. Six banks have played a major part in bankrolling the two largest private prison firms, CoreCivic (formerly the Corrections Corporation of America) and the GEO …


Juan Cole – Like a Halloween Nightmare, This Election Keeps Scaring Us to Death

All Hallow’s Eve, contracted now to Halloween, became conflated with the Scottish and Irish pagan Samhain, the harvest festival marking the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.  It was an in-between time, when the barrier between this world and the next shimmered and let in decrepit old sprites and gods and monsters that had begun slipping away into …

cancer fund of america

Feds bust four fake cancer charities that defrauded $187 million from Americans by L.J. Devon

A string of cancer charities — the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, the Breast Cancer Society and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America — have turned out to be manipulative frauds run by a family of con artists. The money they raised for cancer patients actually went to pay for personal luxuries instead — Disney World trips, jet …

4 Ways the One Percent Is Trying to Buy Their Immortality By Larry Schwartz

Humankind has long dreamed of immortality. Surely, somewhere, Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth awaits, allowing us to escape our inevitable fate of non-existence. Not surprisingly, some very wealthy tech executives are determined to buy their way out of that inevitability. These guys are living the high life and they don’t want it to stop. Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, …

Silicon Valley

Welcome to “Libertarian Island”: How these One Percenters are creating a dystopian nightmare in Silicon Valley

In the clever science fiction video game Bioshock, an Objectivist business magnate named Andrew Ryan (recognize those initials?) creates an underwater city, where the world’s elite members can flourish free from the controls of government. It is a utopian village that Ayn Rand and her hero John Galt would surely approve of, but unfortunately it ends up becoming a dystopian nightmare …