Expat Files – 02.18.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #735- SUN, FEB 18- (02-18-2018): #1- Dissecting the gringo price phenomena: or how locals constantly pull the wool over the eyes of newbie expats and gringos. Local souvenir and trinket sellers manage to double and triple team gringos, often convincing them to buy things for 4 and even 5 times their “off the tourist” trail value. …


Expat Files – 02.11.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #733- SUN, FEB 11- (02-11-2018):  #1- A group of smart Latinos have discovered there’s “sure thing” money in giving cryptocurrency seminars. You wouldn’t believe how popular these things are. Everyone wants to get in on the so-called “easy money”. Yup like the old California gold rush days of the 1900’s, the guys that made consistent dough weren’t the miners …

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Focus On The Facts – 01.23.18

Patricia Negron and I covered the latest details on the take-down of the Global Pedophile Network and progress of the Trump Administration in stopping the Global human trafficking networks. Also discussed the Pope now accusing victims of sexual abuse by priests of slandering the priests and the nuclear meltdown taking place on Capital Hill and the revelation by Q of …


I Eat Green – Guest: Rene Rodriguez Carazas – 07.20.17

Chef Rene Rodriguez is the owner and chef of Tawa Restaurant located in the heart of the Sacred Valley in Peru. It is a small, family operated, intimate restaurant, specializing in local, Peruvian cuisine, using organic ingredients with many vegetarian and gluten free options. Chef Rene has cooked in some of the finest restaurants in Lima, before deciding to open his own restaurant in …


Expat Files – 07.07.17

  #1- Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini- all infamous and despicable names from the past, right? Well not necessarily for citizens of South America. Those names and faces don’t always carry the negative images as we might expect. In fact some actually name their kids after these guys. Why? In part because Argentina’s Eva Peron and her husband Juan (presidents from 1946 …


Bolivian water crisis as glaciers vanish

Bolivia has declared a state of emergency as climate impacts shrink glaciers and leave cities without water. SÃO PAOLO, 26 November, 2016 − The government of Bolivia, a landlocked country in the heart of South America, has been forced to declare a state of emergency as it faces its worst drought for at least 25 years. Much of the water …


Study: Single Session Of Ayahuasca Defeats Depression

The World Heath Organization reports that worldwide, an estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. According to the WHO, depression is the leading cause of disability around the globe and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. Ayahuasca, a psychotropic brew of two plants, the vine Banisteriopsis caapi and the leaves of the shrubPsychotria viridis, has …


Expat Files – 01.03.16

-Some Expat auto owners weigh in with amusing stories describing what happens when Latin cops tried to shake them down for dough.
BTW: the car/vehicle paperwork shakedown situation is common around Christmas time (when most Latins are beyond dead broke).

-Latin cops love bribes (mordida). But they love free gifts too. That why long term Expats sometimes tuck certain special cheap giveaway items in their cars just to hand to cops pressuring for handouts. In the event you get pulled over, some key cheap items can work like a charm!

-In every Latin country there is a small group of 20 to 50 very wealthy “old money” families that own huge tracts of land along with many of the basic industries. Their last names and are well known to the rest of the working population- who generally revere them like minor royals. Often their snotty kids are unruly, abusive jerks. Even so, cops try to maintain a “hands off” policy. It’s sort of their Latin version of our “Gringo Advantage”…. though thankfully, few of us gringos come off like them in the pretentious jerk department.

-The parking situation in Latin America can be complicated. Today we compare Latin parking options to what you are used to up in Hartford and Cleveland. Some of what you are about to hear will sound a bit nutty, but that’s life in Latin America.


Rise and fall of city states tied to stormy weather

Changeable weather may have been a major force in the success and failure of agrarian states in Mexico and Peru, according to climate and archaeological records. For a new study, researchers looked at climate records for central Mexico gleaned from a stalagmite collected from Juxtlahuaca Cave in the state of Guerrero. They also looked at the climate record preserved in …