Leid Stories—Probes of Police Killings of Stephon Clark (Sacramento) and Saheed Vassell (Brooklyn) Follow Familiar Path—04.12.18

Leid Stories follows up on two controversial police killings—the killing of Stephon Clark, 22, by two Sacramento Police Department officers on March 8, and the killing of Saheed Vassell, 34, by four New York Police Department officers in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn on April 4. The families of both men contacted well-known civil-rights leader the Rev. Alfred Sharpton in …


Carl Bialik – The Government Finally Has A Realistic Estimate Of Killings By Police

About 1,200 people were killed by police officers in the U.S. in the 12 months that ended in May, according to a federal report released Thursday. That number is much larger than government counts of police killings for earlier years — and is much more in line with private estimates. Criminal justice researchers have long argued that official counts of …


BRANDON J. DIXON, ANDREW M. DUEHREN , and DAPHNE C. THOMPSON – 11 Arrested in Dining Services Protest

Cambridge Police officers arrested 11 people Friday who were blocking traffic in protest of recent labor negotiations between Harvard and its dining services workers. The 11 people sat in a circle at the intersection of JFK Street and Massachusetts Avenue, blocking traffic, as roughly 100 other people chanting brandishing signs in support of the union lined the streets. After more …


Every 25 Seconds – The Human Toll of Criminalizing Drug Use in the United States

Neal Scott may die in prison. A 49-year-old Black man from New Orleans, Neal had cycled in and out of prison for drug possession over a number of years. He said he was never offered treatment for his drug dependence; instead, the criminal justice system gave him time behind bars and felony convictions—most recently, five years for possessing a small …


This Can’t Be Happening – 10.12.16

Host Dave Lindorff talks with Keegan Stephan, law student, activist and writer working with attorneys and Black Lives Matters activist in a lawsuit to force the NYPD to come clean and disclose the extent of undercover infiltration of the Black Lives Matter movement that the department has been engaged in since its inception. The case developed out of an FOIA request concerning such infiltration of a Black Lives Matter protest last year in Grand Central Station.


Juan Cole – 6 Problems Worse Than Terrorism in America

Every time a person of Middle Eastern heritage who ought to have been committed to an insane asylum but wasn’t (because rich people who don’t want to pay taxes successfully lobbied to get rid of insane asylums) commits violence, our press and politicians hit the panic button.  This is so even though you are more likely to die falling in …


The Gary Null Show – 09.08.16

Today on The Gary Null Show, Gary gives all the listeners some extensive sleeping tips. Mr. Null also covers shingles vaccines and the importance of Vitamin D. Have you ever heard of Bradley Burkenfeld? If not Gary will give you the importance of him. Gary also shows you all of the different ways to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Are you having Chronic Nosebleeds? If so Gary gives you a helpful tip on how to fix that. In the second half of the program Gary plays an audio clip on “Why Hilary Clinton’s War Records Matter” and “A Police Officer says Government is hiding cure for cancer”. All of this and so much more on The Gary Null Show.


AMBROSE EVANS-PRITCHARD – Apple travesty is a reminder why Britain must leave the lawless EU

Europe’s Competition Directorate commands the shock troops of the EU power structure. Ensconced in its fortress at Place Madou, it can dispatch swat teams on corporate dawn raids across Europe without a search warrant. It operates outside the normal judicial control that we take for granted in a developed democracy. The US Justice Department could never dream of acting in such a …


Set to stun – Children are being Tasered by school-based police officers. No one knows how often it’s happening or what impact it’s having on students

It was just a dumb fight. Two boys, both juniors, stood in the hallway discussing a classic teenage hypothetical: whether one of them could win in a fight against another student. But when one of the teens, Scott, said he didn’t think his friend could win, things turned personal. They flung curse words back and forth that Thursday morning in …