Julia Marsh – Moms sue NYC over mandatory flu vaccinations

Using a similar argument to the one that helped defeat former Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s soda ban, five Manhattan and Brooklyn mothers with children in preschool are suing the city over its policy of mandatory flu vaccinations. The parents — ranging from a single mom in an East Harlem housing project to an investment banker in the Flatiron District — claim …


Progressive Commentary Hour – 11.17.15

Larry Hancock is regarded as one of the foremost independent investigative researchers in the areas of US intelligence and the national security state. He has written on the history of CIA political assassinations, religious extremism and terrorism, and the murder of Martin Luther King. Larry’s research has been endorsed by the former House Select Committee of Investigation staff and the former historian for the State Department and CIA. His most recent release explores the long history of America’s intelligence crises and failures in preventing enemy and terrorist attacks – “Surprise Attack: From Pearl Harbor to 911 to Benghazi.” His website is Larry-Hancock.com


Leid Stories – 11.11.15

On Veterans Day, A Reminder of Our Shared Duty
On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a keynote address at Riverside Church in New York City “to make a passionate plea to my beloved nation,” he said. Ending the Vietnam War was at front and center of that plea, as was a list of domestic social-justice issues that persisted because of it.
On this day, as the nation observes Veterans Day, Leid Stories recalls the admonitions of Dr. King about war and the consequence of war, and our shared duty to check through civic action the propensities of the government to recklessly engage in war.


Monsanto Wins Rubber Dodo Award

Monsanto, producer and seller of Roundup and its toxic active ingredient glyphosate, is the recipient of the Center for Biological Diversity’s 2015 Rubber Dodo Award, given annually to those who have done the most to destroy wild places, species and biological diversity. Glyphosate is now used in more than 160 countries, and more than one billion pounds are applied each …


A Bowl of Soul – 11.06.15

Give It To Jesus – Monique – Gospel – 2015
After The Pain – Betty Wright – Southern Soul/R&B – 1988
I Don’t Need You Around – Jackie Wilson – R&B – 1967
Stay – The Temptations – R&B – 1998
Someway, Somehow – The Marvelettes – R&B – 1968
The Newness Is Gone – Eddie Kendricks – R&B – 1976
I’ll Know (When The Right One Comes Along) – Sonja Grier – R&B – 2014
Upgrade – J-Live – Hip Hop – 2008
Don’t Joke With The Hungry Man – Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Funk/R&B – 2005


Energy Stew – Alan Roth – 11.06.15

It looks like Vitamin D is more valuable than previously understood. You’ll want to learn the details so you’ll know how much you need and all that it can do for you.

The scientist I’m interviewing is my brother, Alan Roth, and he has found amazing evidence of its important properties. You probably haven’t heard that hospitals using it are saving many lives.

How many lives might you save just by telling people about it?

Vitamin D is measured in thousands of International Units and to many the idea of taking thousands of anything can cause concern. It even worries doctors who recommend it. On the show you’ll learn why these extreme numbers were created.


Expat Files – 11.06.15

-Today we have some eyewitness stories concerning thoroughly BAD gringos who’ve come down to Latin America to practice their perversions. Unfortunately, what makes Latin America good for us freedom lovers-those chaotic, weak, lazy, inefficient governments- also allows the few bad first-world apples that do make it down here to get away with murder.

-A discussion about gringos with good, solid US university degrees of value (no psychology, business, art or drama degrees, please) who hope to use those skills to get jobs in their particular career or field in Latin America. Once they come down, what are the job prospects?

-A few stories to illustrate other aspects of the “gringo advantage”. This time we have examples of how Latins constantly hit on Gringo for jobs. They assume we all must have thriving businesses and are hiring…

-Observing Latin holidays with strange customs like eating “Pan de Muerto” which literally translates to “bread for the dead”. Yes, Latins traditionally eat “dead bread” on Nov 1st and Nov 2nd. What’s that all about… is it safe?


Leid Stories – 11.05.15

Who’s In, Who’s Out?: Debating U.S. Immigration Policy and ‘Reform’
There is no unanimity of agreement on just what U.S. immigration policy should be. There absolutely is agreement, however, that the U.S. immigration system is broken and in dire need of repair.
Immigration has become a hot-button issue in the current political season—complete with blatantly xenophobic, racist undertones—but we are no closer to sane policy and much-demanded “reform.”
Leid Stories encourages a discussion among listeners on what immigration is/should be, its impact and special challenges, and what might work as improvements to current policies.


Erica Etelson – How the Myth of the Meritocracy Ruins Students

The plight of the over-scheduled, over-tested, stressed out student has become the subject of much hand-wringing and several good educational policy prescriptions. ​But if youth are to escape the educational pressure cooker, we need to understand how the pervasive myth of the meritocracy traps them in it. As the instant classic 2009 film, Race to Nowhere, and its 2015 sequel, Beyond …


A long established pattern of mortality decline has reversed, due to drugs, alcohol and suicide

PRINCETON, N.J.–Despite advances in health care and quality of life, white middle-aged Americans have seen overall mortality rates increase over the past 15 years, representing an overlooked “epidemic” with deaths comparable to the number of Americans who have died of AIDS, according to new Princeton University research. The results are published in a new paper in the Proceedings of the …