Nichole Mormann – As Climate Change Decimates Crops, 500,000 People Will Die Annually by 2050

With global temperatures rising, researchers predict there will be fewer healthy fruits and veggies to go around. It’s an age-old scenario at the family dinner table: parents or caregivers nagging kids to eat their vegetables. But while some children need a little prodding to eat their peas or brussels sprouts, according to new research published Thursday in the medical journalThe …


One-Third of Clinical Trial Results Never Disclosed, Study Finds

Only 29% published in journal in two years, 13% on registry Dissemination varies widely among 51 academic medical centers One-third of clinical trials conducted at 51 major U.S. universities and academic hospitals were never published in a peer-reviewed journal or in a government registry online, according to a new study in the BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal. The researchers …


Energy Stew – Christian de Quincey – 10.09.15

So many of us believe what we’re told when often, science is just making things up. Recently, The Lancet, one of the foremost medical journals admitted that about half of published research is false.

We know human beings can be very smart but how many are truly wise? If we didn’t have so many blindspots, maybe we’d have a healthier planet.

Christian de Quincey wrote “Blindspots, 21 Good Reasons to Think Before You Talk” to look at many misconceptions about life. His previous books include “Radical Nature” and “Radical Knowing” and is a Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies.

Half of all medical literature may be false, says medical journal editor

Can we trust scientific literature? A recent report by The Lancet says we can’t, with the report stating “a lot” of scientific studies that are published are incorrect. This is just confirming what can already be seen happening in scientific circles. More and more scientists are coming forward to reveal their research or that of their colleagues has been falsified. Dr. …