Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 04.30.18

CHERNOBYL at 32 is the tragic theme of today’s sojourn in Solartopia. > > We try to grasp the full meaning of a catastrophe that may have killed more than a million people, has created “zombie forests” that do not decay and has warped the genetic code of humans and other animals for generations to come. > > LINDA PENTZ-GUNTER, …


The Conspiracy Guy – 12.28.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #56: While the Pope warns of the prospect of wars in the Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula, the Trump administration’s decision to provide Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine “crosses the line” in the view of the Russian Foreign Minister. The US continues to loot Afghanistan of its mineral resources and protect the poppy fields for …


The Gary Null Show – 03.22.17

Today March 22nd 2017  NATIONAL AG DAY , Gary Null has a jam packed show for you! Gary kicks off the show with the latest in health and healing covering the topic of vitamins, foods, and how to become a better you! In the second half of the program Gary goes to some world issues commentaries by Professor Henry Grioux, Gary …


Leid Stories—Haiti: Official Report Says Obama, Security Council Backing U.N.’s Denial of Responsibility for Cholera Outbreak; Clinton Foundation Execs Detail Their High-Level Banditry and Squabble Over Spoils—10.27.16

Kim Ives, co-founder and editor in chief of the English-language division of Haïti Liberté, an international news weekly, discusses a scathing report by U.N. special rapporteur Philip Alston that condemns the United Nations for denying responsibility for a cholera epidemic that has ravaged Haiti since 2010, and blames the Security Council and the Obama administration in particular for shielding the United Nations from blame.

United States of America and Russia

Brandon Turbeville – Russia Calls For “Emergency” UN Security Council Meeting Regarding US Bombing Of Syrian Military

After the United States launched an attack against Syrian forces in Deir al-Zour early on Saturday morning, Russia is now calling for an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council and an immediate explanation from the United States. The Americans claim that the bombing was merely a mistake; however, it is hard to make that claim when the two sides were in battle with one …


Larry Chin – False Flags: The Process of “False Flagging” the World towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood

This article was first published by GR in December 2014 Almost all wars begin with false flag operations.  The coming conflicts in North Korea and Russia are no exception.  Mass public hysteria is being manufactured to justify aggression against Moscow and Pyongyang, in retaliation for acts attributed to the North Korean and Russian governments, but orchestrated and carried out by …


Jonathan Marshall – Behind the North Korean Nuke Crisis

In response to North Korea’s recent announcement that it plans to launch a satellite within a few days, Washington and its partners are speaking loudly to condemn the regime but carrying very small sticks to stop it. If Teddy Roosevelt were still alive, he would not be impressed. A White House spokesman called North Korea’s plans “another irresponsible provocation” and a senior State Department …

foot and mouth disease

The next epidemic, brought to you by the US government – Laura H. Kahn

The United States eradicated foot-and-mouth disease from its borders in 1929. The virus, deadly to livestock, persists in more than 100 countries, though, and travels with ease. It is able to hitchhike on shoes, clothes, and tires. Airborne, it can travel almost 40 miles overland and almost 190 over open ocean. When the United Kingdom experienced a foot-and-mouth epidemic in 2001, more than six million …


The media misses the point on ‘proxy war’ – Gareth Porter

The term “proxy war” has experienced a new popularity in stories on the Middle East. Various news sources began using the term to describe the conflict in Yemen immediately, as if on cue, after Saudi Arabia launched its bombing campaign against Houthi targets in Yemen on 25 March.  “The Yemen Conflict Devolves into Proxy War,” The Wall Street Journal headlined the following …