Attention Progressive Radio Network Listeners: New Listen Live Phone Numbers!

Attention Progressive Radio Network Listeners: With the high demand of listeners wanting to tune in over the phone, We have opened up more phone lines for you! Below are all the numbers you can reach and listen to The Progressive Radio Network! 1-619-550-0869 1-401-347-0456 1-424-203-8046 1-605-475-5151 1-701-801-3662 1-832-280-0066 1-515-605-9429 1-302-781-8198 1-605-562-5119 1-641-793-7091 1-712-775-6850 1-231-423-1309


Let’s Create A Better World – 12.05.15

Dr. Peggy Martin and Kevin Mottus are our the guests today on “Let’s Create a Better World” with host Bobby Ellias and co-host Stefan Rudolph.

Kevin Mottus discusses the true negative effects of cell phones and wireless transmission. The huge growing effects of diseases such as cancer and more do to cell phone use. Kevin’s gives facts and advice on how minimizing wireless exposure is a necessity for us to focus on these days.

Dr. Peggy Martin discusses proper eating habits for having a healthy holiday season, along with the side effects of processed food and holistic healing for depression and more. Discussion on nutrition, increasing our knowledge of food, eating in moderation, and being able to enjoy the holidays without overdoing it in all areas. Focus on holistic healing for depression

Radio Frequency Climate Manipulation Amounts To Weather Warfare By Dane Wigington

Climate engineering is a completely runaway juggernaut of total insanity. The planet’s climate system is unraveling by the day as the geoengineers try frantically to control it with ever more desperate and destructive measures (which were a primary cause of the climate disintegration in the first place). As the photograph below clearly shows, powerful radio frequency transmissions have a profound effect …

Berkeley Votes to Warn Cellphone Buyers of Health Risks – Josh Harkinson

The City Council of Berkeley, California last night unanimously voted to require electronics retailers to warn customers about the potential health risks associated with radio-frequency (RF) radiation emitted by cellphones, setting itself up to become the first city in the country to implement a cellphone “right to know” law. “If you carry or use your phone in a pants or …