Paul A. Philips – Permaculture: The New Paradigm Of Self Sufficient Community Based Living

The fact of the matter is that over the years we have allowed ourselves to be more and more accepting of the urban way of life with an ever-increasing preoccupation and overdependence on technology. Overcrowded but isolated from one another living in unnatural concrete jungles, brainwashed into the superficial consumerist lifestyle, goaded by the societal demands of corporate and governmental …


Norisa Diaz – Report documents rising cost of living in California

Over 3.2 million families in California, one of every three households, struggle every month to meet basic needs. The state’s economy would be considered the world’s eighth largest if it were a country, with a GDP of $2.312 trillion. Although they create this massive amount of social wealth through their labor, workers in the state find themselves in desperate living …


April M. Short – Why Now Is the Worst Time in American History to Be a Renter

If you’re having trouble keeping up with rent, you’re not alone. Renting in the U.S. has never been as expensive as it is right now. According to a new report [3] by the online real estate database Zillow, rents have never taken up this much of the American paycheck. Mortgage prices have remained relatively stable over the last several years, …


Expat Files – 07.31.15

-A few words about those strange and sometimes wonderful middle-class Latin yard parties and celebrations because you’ll be invited to attend these events now and again(maybe way too often).   -Prepare and get your earplugs ready for the rockets and fireworks when your neighbors have their weekend events and parties. Sometimes those things can get very loud and go well …

Is the Stock Market Another Bubble? – DEAN BAKER

The stock market has recovered sharply from the lows hit in the financial crisis. All the major indices are at or near record highs. This has led many analysts to worry about a new bubble in the stock market. These concerns are misplaced. Before going through the data, I should point out that I am not afraid to warn of …

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Economic Update – 03.29.15

Updates on Trans-Pacific Partnership secrets, the Heinz-Kraft merger, the overly costly, underperforming US medical care system, fines for Graco selling faulty child car-seats, China’s real-estate bubble, and estate tax repeal by Republican House. Response to listener on property: private versus public. Major discussion of how system change happened in the past and and how in capitalism today.