Visionaries – 04.30.18

“MJDorian.” Our guest is Milosz Jeziorski, an award winning composer who writes music for film and television. In 2016, he took on the identity of MJDorian: a faceless music producer who wears a poltergeist mask which obscures any indication of age, race, or gender. MJDorian is currently producing a dark pop and hip hop album, drip releasing with art and …


The Torch – 12.12.17

Kate Moore author of  The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women Kate Moore tells the story of how these dial painters took on the radium companies that made them sick—as they were dying of radium poisoning. Their lawsuits were key to reinforcing the U.S.’s nascent workplace safety laws. Tom Carpenter Executive Director of Hanford Challenge TO CREATE …


A Bowl of Soul – 09.25.15

The Great I Am – Joe Douglass & Spirit of Praise – Gospel – 2015
Eric B. Is President – Eric B. & Rakim – Hip Hop – 1986
Soulfinger – The Barkays – R&B – 1967
Down in the Valley – Otis Redding – R&B – 1965
Hangin On – Marvin Gaye – R&B – 1964
The Best Thing You Ever Had – Candi Staton – R&B – 1968
Night Time In The Switching Yard – Warren Zevon – Funk\R&B – 1978
Do You Remember-The Professor – www.pearlsofblack.com – 2015
Remember The Time – Michael Jackson – R&B – 1992
Ashley – Senerio – R&B – 2015
Without You – R’Mone Entonio – R&B – 2015
Real Thing – Matt Newsome – R&B – 2015

2015: Is It The Year Marcellus Shale Gas Peaked And Then Began Falling As Fast As It Rose? – Nicholas C. Arguimbau

How easy it is to forget there are limits to growth, especially when what you observe is designed to make us forget. The great Marcellus is famous for having increased its production 12-fold in four years to become the US’ largest producing natural gas field, but things have not looked that great lately. The average daily production estimate reported by …