Trends This Week – Trends and Consequences in all this War Talk – 12.16.15

Global forecaster Gerald Celente is mad as hell. The last segment of the Presidential Reality Show in 2016, the CNN debate with GOP hopefuls on December 15, was a cesspool of senseless war mongering. Not a peep for peace. Not a hint of talk about what created this cycle of endless war; only how to increase the death count and improve the precision in which the United States and its coalition of the willing fan the flames of the War on Terror. No one is looking back at the steps taken by the gutless, mindless leaders who launched this war in the first place. Instead, cloaked in crowd-rousing bravado, the Presidential Reality Show contestants promise to take the same path. Elsewhere in this show, Celente provides more details about his exciting “Prepare for 2016” retreat in Naples, Florida with Gary Null, and offers insights into the Fed’s pending interest rate hike.