Alternative Visions – Is the US Economy Deteriorating? + Is Trump Really President? – 05.05.17

Jack Rasmus looks at some contrarian negative indicators that the US economy is stumbling: reports show productivity and fixed investment are nearly stagnant. Bank loans in 2017 are growing less than 3% compared to 10% in 2014-16, retail sales are negative last two months, the worst since 2010. Auto sales are declining three months in a row, worst since 2008. …


Leid Stories – Free Your Mind—And Ours, Too! – 04.01.16

Yes, it’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories, and you’re cordially invited to opine, prognosticate, analyze, dissect, debate, challenge, report, differ—you know, sound off. We just need to know about what, and you need to know that it’s possible someone would take you on.
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Dean Baker – A Fed Rate Hike Will Harm the Economy, Why Don’t the Candidates Seem to Care?

There was something for everyone in August’s US jobs report. The headline figure for jobs growth was less than expected, but the last two months were revised up. Wages grew, but the number of people out of the workforce remains worryingly high. What’s a central banker to do? Sadly the answer is exactly what they want to do, and no …


Pam and Russ Martens – How U.S. Achieves a 5.3% Unemployment Rate: If You Earn No Money, You Can Still Be Counted as Employed

Last Friday’s nonfarm payrolls report of 215,000 new jobs in July with its attendant announcement of an unemployment rate of 5.3 percent drew mostly yawns from the media. That wasn’t the case on February 3 of this year when Jim Clifton, CEO of the polling company, Gallup, wrote a stunning opinion piece on the company’s web site calling the U.S. …


Peter Gosselin – Why American Teens Aren’t Working Summer Jobs Anymore

This was supposed to be a better year for teenagers to land summer jobs, and July has always been the peak month for such positions. Things haven’t worked out that way, according to the Labor Department’s latest jobs report. On an unadjusted basis — which is probably fairer given the question is seasonal jobs — there was a 1.2 million increase in teen …

jeb bush

Jeb Bush Proves He Has No Clue About US Economics Op-Ed by Naji Dahi

Jeb Bush, one of the leading Republican candidates for the presidency, is in the news again—and not in a good way. During a meeting with the editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader, he reportedlysaid the following: “My aspiration for the country — and I believe we can achieve it — is 4 percent growth as far as the eye …


Economic Disinformation Keeps Financial Markets Up – Paul Craig Roberts

Today’s payroll jobs report is more of the same. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 223,000 new jobs were created in April. Let’s accept the claim and see where the jobs are. Specialty trade contractors are credited with 41,000 jobs equally split between residential and nonresidential. I believe these are home and building repairs and remodeling. The rest of …


Unemployment Report Shows Labor Force Drop Outs At Record High

The March unemployment rate remained the same, yet once again the BLS survey showed another huge increase in those not considered part of the labor force anymore and as a result the figure hit a record 93.175 million high.  The official unemployment rate is 5.5%.  The labor participation rate is also 62.7% and remains at 37 year record lows.  From …

The Federal Reserve Board’s Plan to Kill Jobs

There is an enormous amount of political debate over various pieces of legislation that are supposed to be massive job killers. For example, Republicans lambasted President Obama’s increase in taxes on the wealthy back in 2013 as a job killer. They endlessly have condemned the Affordable Care Act as a jobs killer. The same is true of proposals to raise …