Near extinction possible for monarch butterflies

A new study (abstract below) has found that the monarch butterfly population in the US has “a substantial probability of quasi-extinction, from 11–57% over 20 years”. The study repeats the well-documented fact that a major factor in the decline of the monarch is the adoption of herbicide-tolerant GM corn and soybeans. The herbicide spraying has killed off the monarch larvae’s only food, …


All Together Now – 01.14.16

Eleanor LeCain talks about job opportunities in technology, an innovative program to promote gender diversity in eBay, and encouraging girls to enter technology careers, with Beth Axelrod who was the Senior VP of Global Human Resources at eBay and Richelle Parham who was the Chief Marketing Officer for eBay North America


Colorado river is collapsing ‘sooner than anyone thought

The Colorado River begins as snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains and ends 1,450 miles south in Mexico after making a final sacrifice to the United States: water for the farm fields in this powerhouse of American produce. Throughout the winter, perfect heads of romaine, red-and-green lettuce, spinach and broccoli are whisked from the warm desert soil here onto refrigerated trucks …


Canadian glaciers face drastic demise

By, Thomas Sumner  April 6, 2015 Science News   The Great White North may lose its glaciers faster than previously thought. A detailed physics simulation of how glaciers melt in a warming world show that Western Canada’s glaciers will shed 70 percent of their ice by 2100 relative to their 2005 volumes, researchers report online April 6 in Nature Geoscience. …