Progressive Commentary Hour – 04.18.18

In this episode of The Progressive Commentary Hour Gary goes over the videos of  EDWARD SNOWDEN DROPS MEGA BOMBSHELL ON THE ELITES IN NEW INTERVIEW and Senator Exposes Syrian WMD False Flag; Says Hillary Ordered Murder Of Chris Stevens. Gary gives his feedback and thoughts on these topics.   Download this episode (right click and save)


‘Quite Disturbing’: Leaked Docs Reveal How Easily FBI Can Spy on Journalists

Newly leaked documents published by The Intercept expose just how easy it is for the FBI to spy on journalists using so-called National Security Letters (NSLs). The classified rules, which had previously been released only in heavily redacted form, “show that the FBI imposes few constraints on itself when it bypasses the requirement to go to court and obtain subpoenas or search warrants before accessing …


Mike Mariani – How the American opiate epidemic was started by one pharmaceutical company

The state of Kentucky may finally get its deliverance. After more than seven years of battling the evasive legal tactics of Purdue Pharma, 2015 may be the year that Kentucky and its attorney general, Jack Conway, are able to move forward with a civil lawsuit alleging that the drugmaker misled doctors and patients about their blockbuster pain pill OxyContin, leading …


Nadia Prupis – New Spy Bill Sneaking Through Congress, But Rights Groups Have a Plan

Another day, another attack on privacy rights. In the coming weeks, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on new legislation, styled as a cybersecurity bill, which civil libertarians say is nothing more than the latest incarnation of legalized government surveillance. “CISA is fundamentally flawed because of its aggressive spying powers, broad immunity clauses for companies, and vague definitions of …

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Sandra Fulton – Cyber Bill Gives Companies Perfect Cover to Gut Your Privacy

Following several high-profile data breaches — such as those at Sony and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management — Congress is once again feeling the pressure to push “cybersecurity” legislation. The problem is, the bill they’re laser-focused on is misguided, wouldn’t protect us — and is a huge gift to companies wanting legal cover if and when they choose to …

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Paul Buchheit – How Big Corporations Cheat Public Education

Corporations have reaped trillion-dollar benefits from 60 years of public education in the U.S., but they’re skipping out on the taxes meant to sustain the educational system. Children suffer from repeated school cutbacks. And parents subsidize the deadbeat corporations through increases in property taxes and sales taxes. Big Companies Pay about a Third of their Required State Taxes An earlier …

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Reversing Grassroots Win, US Senate Approves Fast Track Trade Measure – Deirdre Fulton

Progressives reacted with dismay as the U.S. Senate on Thursday approved a motion to begin debate on the Fast Track authority President Barack Obama needs to advance controversial trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The measure passed 65-33. Senate Democrats blocked the first attempt to proceed on the trade legislation on Tuesday, butbacktracked in the wake of further negotiations—and intense pressure from …


Obama, Republicans push anti-China trade pact – Patrick Martin

Both the US Senate and House of Representatives have begun action on legislation to grant President Obama Trade Promotion Authority, also known as “fast-track” authority, which would enable the US government to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement with 11 other countries in Asia and the Americas. The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, in a 20-6 vote, approved the …


With ‘Brave Tactic,’ Sanders Tries to Slam Brakes on Fast Track – Sarah Lazare

In what is being heralded as a “brave tactic,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday temporarily blocked lawmakers from rushing through legislation that would allow the Obama administration to “Fast Track” the controversial and highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Sanders forcibly delayed the Senate Finance Committee from considering Fast Track legislation by using a rarely invoked senate scheduling rule, effectively preventing the …