The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z -HEALING as a Spiritual Path – 10.11.16

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, www.naturalnurse.com , interviews Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer. Althea grew up with her Nicaraguan grandmother who was a Curandera (Shamanic Healer from Central and South America). She gave her the genetic material to be a Healer. Althea continued her development by training with many of the top leaders in the field of spirituality, including Colette Baron Reid, Tania Gabrielle, Tony Robin’s top Coaches, and Sarah Spiritual to name a few. Althea serves on the board of the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine, and is a long standing member of the American Society of Dowsers and spoken at their national conventions. She serves as an Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka for 14 years.
Althea is a Certified California Designer and a Certified Feng Shui consultant. She is the founder of the International School for Professional Healers ®, and the creator of the Gold Treatment ® , a healing treatment that increases LIGHT in the cells and subtle bodies. The long term effects of this treatment can shift health and consciousness. Althea lectures all over the world and attends to private clients in person internationally as well as via phone. Contact:
http://altheagray.com/, 505-983-9582

The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z – Nurse Aimee Whalen – 09.27.16

Host Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, www.naturalnurse.com , interviews Nurse Aimee Whalen. Amy is a polymath of the health arts. Specializing in both biofeedback and CranioSacral modes of therapy, she is also a registered nurse, a Reiki Master, and a certified Infant Massage Instructor. She trained with Dr. Linda Lancaster and completed a Masters in Medical Radiesthesia. With over thirty years of practice she skillfully combines scientific rigor with intuitive sensitivity to hone in on the patient’s body-mind as a whole ecosystem of organs and energies, in need of revisiting, renewal and compassionate care. Aimee has lectured on a variety of topics from medical care of HIV infants and children to preventing school gun violence through increased parent and school personnel recognition of subtle cues.

We need to protect the whistleblowers who save our skins but pay the price – Kate Kenny

The recent Francis Report into how poor care at Mid-Staffordshire Foundation Trust was allowed to happen, was another lesson in just how valuable whistleblowers are to society. And yet as a society, we don’t seem to care that many struggle to survive. Whistleblowers perform a vital role in today’s world. They alert the public to financial fraud, abuse in institutions and potential environmental disasters. For …


Submariner: Trident is “so broken it can’t even do the tests that prove it works”

Engineering failures on Trident submarine place crew at risk and raise doubts over whether missiles could actually be launched, says whistleblower. A Royal Navy whistleblower has exposed a shocking catalogue of equipment failures, security breaches, and near-miss accidents on board HMS Vanguard, one of the Navy’s nuclear-armed Trident submarines. William McNeilly, a 25 year old engineering technician, has published an …