The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 12.06.17

My guest Dr. Michael Corrigan is an extraordinary man in many ways.   He has a big heart and a giant brain!  And he devotes it to the task of advocating for children through scientific projects, educational campaigns, and whatever else is possible.   In a rousing discussion we talk about what in the world can we do to get …


My Mother’s First Love at Age 93, by Caroline Leavitt

My mother falls in love for the first time at 93. She is not a woman who believes in love. Jilted at 19, she marries my father on the rebound, quickly realizing her error. He’s a man who can sulk for days, who yells at her because she has forgotten to compliment his mother on dinner, or because she spends too …


Leid Stories – 02.01.16

Starting in Iowa: It’s Open Season, and Hapless Voters Are the Quarry
All eyes are on Iowa, where voting in the 2016 presidential race gets off to a high-pitched start, and by night’s end will be fodder for political analysts’ predictions about who the next occupant of the White House might be. No run-of-the-mill runoff, it’s a history-making contest—though not for the reasons most often cited. For, behind the media-manufactured excitement is a sordid truth, says Leid Stories: Voters are merely the quarry in a well-organized, big-money hunt for power among self-appointed guardians of America’s Old World Order.


Bronwyn Harris – Teachers Are Spending Thousands Of Their Own Money to Stock Classrooms with Basic Supplies

School may be out for summer, but I guarantee you there’s one thing teachers are already worried about as they plan for the coming school year: how they’ll offset the inevitable out-of-pocket costs that come with running a classroom. It’s not just a few books or art supplies we’re talking about here; the truth is much more discouraging. During my …