All Together Now

All Together Now – 11.09.17

“Eleanor LeCain talks about the stunning elections where Democrats won across the country and what they mean for our future, with Joshua Holland, contributor to The Nation magazine, and Daniel Squadron, Co-founder and Executive Director of Future Now, a new organization whichsupports candidates who push for progress on 7 ambitious, measurable goals in local state governments to drive nationwide change.” …


Black Agenda Radio – 06.05.17

This is Black Agenda Radio, a weekly hour of African American political thought and action The American Civil Liberties Union says the sheriff’s department in Madison County, Mississippi, has turned the jurisdiction into a “Constitution-free zone” for Black people, who are systematically targeted for illegal stops, searches and arrests. ACLU staff attorney Joshua Tom says the Madison County Sheriff enforces …


Black Agenda Radio – 02.13.17

Welcome, to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. I’m Glen Ford, along with my co-host, Nellie Bailey. Coming up: Activists plan to counter President Trump’s threatened crackdown on so-called “sanctuary cities,” by expanding the movement to resist unjust laws and government repression; and, prison abolitionists say the U.S. system of mass incarceration is a continuation of old time slavery. They plan a Millions March for Prisoners Human Rights, in Washington, DC, this summer.


Alternative Visions – Trump’s First Week–Government by Executive Order (Is Trump a Fascist?) – 01.27.17

Dr. Rasmus reviews the major events in the first week of the Trump administration, both domestic and global, as Trump ‘governs’ by Executive Order. Rasmus explains government by executive order has no basis in the US constitution, but Trump is using EOs as the Republican Congress takes the next 6 months to formulate and pass big corporation favored legislation on tax cuts, business deregulation, and replacing Obamacare and Dodd-Frank bank regulations. Trump EOs on immigration and the ‘wall’, the collapse of meeting and negotiations with Mexican president, Pena Nieto, are discussed as is whether a ‘trade war’ with Mexico brewing. Teresa May’s visit to Trump as Britain begs the US to help it bail out of the EU and Eurozone; the exodus of career officials at the Dept. of State? Rasmus describes similarities between Trump and Nixon, and discusses the growing discussion whether Trump represents a new fascism? What really are the elements of fascism. The show concludes with a review of some global economic events this past week, including infighting in the Eurozone over QE, Germany’s newest conflict with Greece over debt, electoral events in Germany and French elections, Mexico’s economic crisis, Emerging Markets economies loading up on dollar debt, China’s fight with speculators, and the non-significance of US stock market, the DOW, reaching 20,000.

Andrea Germanos – Sanctuary Cities Vow to Defend ‘Basic Human Decency’ From Trump

With Donald Trump‘s inauguration just over a month away, it will soon become clear whether he intends on using beginning days in the White House to try to follow through on his promise to end federal funding for sanctuary cities. Scores of such cities, however, are standing resolute, with officials from over three dozen of them publicly reaffirming their commitment …

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Elias Isquith – The media’s attempts to take Trump down are doomed. The more they hate him, the stronger he gets

Now that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is no longer a bizarro mid-summer distraction but a real-life thing that is actually happening, the response of the political class is beginning to change. At first, they treated “The Donald’s” candidacy as a welcome distraction from Hillary Clinton. But then Trump broke one of their cardinal rules — “Thou shalt not take cheap …