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Leid Stories – D-Day As Democratic Convention Opens; WWBD? – 07.25.16

Well, it’s D-Day—as in opening day of the four-day Democratic Party’s national convention in Philadelpia—and the question is: What Will Bernie Do?

Thousands who’d felt the Bern during the voter-fraud-plagued primaries are descending on the City of Brotherly Love, not feeling too brotherly (or sisterly) toward the ex-presidential contender right now, and downright disgusted with the Democratic Party and its soon-to-be nominee, Hillary Clinton. They hope to persuade Sanders to stay the course with the “revolution” they started together, outside of what they believe is a corrupt party and rigged political process. Dare they keep hope alive?

A Wikileaks dump over the weekend of 20,000 Democratic National Party officials’ emails showed the party’s efforts to sabotage Sanders’ campaign. It caused DNC leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s abrupt resignation and has emboldened Sanderistas in their quest for a WWBD showdown. It won’t be pretty.

In his prime-time speech tonight will Bernie once again tout “party unity,” as he did when he capitulated to Clinton and endorsed her two weeks ago? Will he once again sell the “logic” of coming into the Democratic fold to “expand” the party’s mission and vision? Will he claim that the most important thing to do right now is defeat Donald Trump? Leid Stories says the answer is, yes. And yes. And yes.


Leid Stories – Getting Berned: Sanders’ Devolution to the Un-Democratic Party – 03.28.16

Landslide victories over Hillary Clinton in Saturday’s Democratic primaries in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington have given “momentum” to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, the Vermont senator says. But where Sanders needs momentum most—in winning 2,383 of party’s delegates to clinch the nomination—he’s way behind Clinton and, worse, showing signs that his promised political revolution inevitably will be a devolution of standard party politics.
Leid Stories says Sanderistas should prepare for a sellout.