This Can’t Be Happening – 02.10.16

The morning after Bernie Sanders stunning trouncing of Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, long-time political activist Alfredo Lopez, a member of the news collective, talks with “This Can’t Be Happening” host Dave Lindorff about the Sanders phenomenon, and how the left needs to respond to it.


Robin Scher – Which Countries Are Happiest? Global Survey Suggests Capitalism and Wealth Aren’t Delivering the Goods

What is happiness [3]? This might sound like a question you’d hear come out of Derek Zoolander’s mouth [4]. But seriously, think about it. Is it a matter of perspective, your relationships, a neurological chemical imbalance, or career fulfillment [5]? The more you try to pin down this elusive state of mind, the more achieving a measure for it seems out of reach. Take the movie Hector …


While Mega-Donors Average $1,950,000… Average Sanders Donation Still Just $27

Billionaires are dominating 2016 spending, but Bernie supporters are proving that small donors can fuel national campaign  As comedian Larry David reminded Saturday Night Live viewers over the weekend, many people by now know how proud the Bernie Sanders campaign is for having built its entire campaign through a record-breaking 3.5 million individual donations, mostly from small donors averaging gifts of about …


Marc Ash – The Very Dishonest Viability Argument

very pro-Clinton nomination argument contains or is built around the viability argument. Expressed by an inner-child, it goes something like this: “Bernie Sanders should stop causing trouble … Hillary Clinton is more electable … If Bernie Sanders doesn’t stop it, he will open the door for the Republican nominee.” Or, to quote Clinton digital media strategist Peter Daou, “With Bernie …