Leid Stories – Hillary Clinton: Is She That Good, or Are We That Crazy? – 04.04.16

Bestowed “front runner” status by a sycophantic media establishment, political consultants and a well-oiled public-relations machine even before the running, Hillary Clinton is the very picture of a self-fulfilling prophecy, on her way, they tell us, to clinching the Democratic Party’s nomination and, after that, resident of the United States. It will all have been her just reward, they say. But Leid Stories asks, “Is Hillary Clinton that good, or are we that crazy?”


The Collapse Of The Petrodollar: Oil Exporters Are Dumping US Assets At A Record Pace – Tyler Durden

Back in November we chronicled the (quiet) death of the Petrodollar, the system that has buttressed USD hegemony for decades by ensuring that oil producers recycled their dollar proceeds into still more USD assets creating a very convenient (if your printing press mints dollars) self-fulfilling prophecy that has effectively underwritten the dollar’s reserve status in the post WWII era. Here’s what we …