Infectious Myth – Sexual Assault and Justice – 06.09.15

In Episode 61 David tackles the difficult subject of false claims of sexual assault. Society needs to deal seriously with the historical tragedy of male sexual violence, mostly against women, but also against other men. But recent high profile cases illustrate that false claims are a real problem and create real injustices against innocent men. David examines some prominent cases in detail and highlights some of the legal and moral issues. Although false claims of rape or sexual assault are rare, some of the cases have been so dramatic that there is a risk that they will result in over-criminalization of sexual relations. Also, society may still make women feel shame over expressing their sexual desire, and in cases when this becomes public, the shame they are made to feel may make some of them argue that the sex wasn’t consensual due to their age, consumption of alcohol, etc.

campus rape

A statistical study of first-year college rape

Beginning in the fall when they arrived on campus and continuing through the following summer, 18.6 percent of freshmen women surveyed at a university in upstate New York in 2010 endured at least one — completed or attempted rape, according to a new study that is the is the first to examine the risk of sexual attack on first-year women …


What is Vaccine Injury? – Cathy Jameson

Update on California’s SB277 – despite strong opposition from parents and providers from across the state, SB277 passed through the Judiciary Committee last week with a 5-1 vote.  Senator Joel Anderson  was the only no vote.  SB277 will go next to the Appropriations Committee. The archived video of the latest hearing can be found at this link: A press conference with Mary Holland, J.D. …


Ask Beatty – 03.16.15

A Johns Hopkins study found that most marriage counseling is a waste of time, money and energy on the part of everyone and that 25% of couples are WORSE off than when they started. Tune in and hear what Beatty believes must happen if couples therapy is to be successful. She also stressed the importance of having strong policies and programs in place in our schools, colleges and work places that will protect victims of sexual assault, including emotional and verbal abuse. Without them we are victimizing innocent people and enabling perpetrators.

Katie Pavlich

“Modern feminism can’t survive without victims”: Why rape survivors terrify Fox News & the gun lobby

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich this week told students at Iowa State University that guns “can be a woman’s best defense against a sexual assault,” and called opposition to campus carry laws a ploy to turn women into victims “in order to uphold an anti-gun political philosophy.” Pavlich dedicated most of her talk to arguing that guns make women safer while feminism …