Project Censored – 02.06.18

On this Project Censored show, the topic is immigration policy and higher education. Specifically, Nolan and Nick take a look at the DACA controversy, and how it is being reported on in the corporate media. This show also features a discussion with college student activists about these and related issues. As well, there’s a discussion of the corporate press and …



Like millions of Americans, Andre Fooks is fed up with the numerous shootings and deaths of black men by police officers and the recent retaliation deaths from angered black men so Andre’s impromptu decision to walk into a New Jersey police department to speak with an officer spawned a concept that he calls #peaceforpics. Hear how and why this grass roots concept has gone viral. Please join in as well as spread the word at: #picsforpeace. Daniel L. Hatcher’s new book, “The Poverty Industry – the Exploitation of America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens” reveals how vital money is being siphoned from the disabled community, senior citizens, foster children and more through profiting from the social safety net. Most states are guilty of this and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is no exception since he too has redirected funding earmarked for vulnerable populations. Seems unfair because it is unfair!

Have Mark speak at your workplace, college/school, camp and more on vital topics that impact everyone including overcoming adversity/resiliency, mental health, drugs/alcohol, anti-bullying and more: www.markfarrellmotivation.com


Nick Hanauer – Confronting the Parasite Economy

There are two types of businesses in America today: those that pay their workers a living wage—the real economy—and those that don’t—the parasite economy. And all of us who live and work in the real economy should be royally pissed at the way the parasite economy is sucking us dry. Here in the real economy, we solve the problems, build the things, and pay …


The Cashless Society — Contemplating The Ultimate Surrender To Government Control – Chris Ungar

Denmark, known to be the “happiest” nation on the planet, has a long and storied history of providing its citizens with a strong social safety net—a system designed, in the words of the nation’s official website, to provide its people with “the necessary material framework for living a reasonable life.” Yet, a proposed new law in Denmark that many are …

hillary clinton

The “Convenience” of Untruth

If I may state a vulgarized Leninism, I hope Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, the ideal political “two-fer” in making possible a fresh start for America. Candidate and party are made for each other: a morally bankrupt unity of militarism, corporatism, class dominance of financial elites, all contributing to a national mindset of permanent-war doctrine, global commercial/ideological hegemony, cosmetics as …