Adam Horowitz – Palestinian citizens of Israel respond to poll showing Jewish support for expelling Arabs from country

Earlier today Phil and I wrote about a new survey of Israeli attitudes by the Pew Research Center. The poll response that is generating the most attention is the finding that almost half of Israeli Jews agreed with the statement “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel”: Israeli Jews are divided on the question of whether Arabs should be allowed to live …


Sanders is Right. The Childcare System in the US is a Disaster

One presidential hopeful’s assessment is that the child care system in the U.S. is disastrous. And based on the findings of a new survey, many working parents in the U.S. have reason to agree. The Pew Research Center report, which surveyed over 1,800 parents of kids under 18, offered a reflection of the widening inequality gripping the country. It found, …


Leid Stories – 10.21.15

Leid Stories Poll: What’s Shaping Your Political Attitudes, Choices?
Seems it’s a poll-driven presidential race. Who’s running, waiting, quitting, leading, lagging, or doesn’t have a prayer—it’s all in the polls. Running the spectrum between unbiased (few in this category) and blatantly partisan (way too many in this category), the intent, more and more, is not merely to ascertain or reflect what people are thinking or doing, but to sway and skew public opinion so as to influence political attitudes and choices.

Leid Stories conducts its own unofficial poll today, asking listeners an open-ended question: “What’s shaping your political attitudes and choices?”

Vaccines: Practices, hesitancy among general physicians in France

At population level, vaccines contribute to reducing mortality associated with infectious diseases such as measles, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B or bacterial meningitis. The community general physician, at the centre of this preventive strategy, remains the main source of information for families. In an article published in the journal Ebiomedecine, Pierre Verger (Inserm Unit 912, “Economics and Social Sciences Applied to Health …