A Just Cause – Shining a Spotlight on Capitol Hill & Former President Bill Clinton – 10.30.16

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks will be Shining a Spotlight on Capitol Hill and former U.S. President William (Bill) Clinton. He is an American politician from Arkansas, who served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993-2001. He took office at the end of the Cold War, and was the first baby-boomer generation President.


JACK SMITH – Must They be Enemies? Russia, Putin and the US

Most Americans know very little about Russia, and what they do know is subverted by many decades of U.S. government anti-Soviet and anti-Russian propaganda. From 1917 to Dec. 26, 1991, when the USSR imploded, Washington depicted the Soviet Union as an immoral aggressor state seeking to destroy capitalism and freedom in the United States and rule the world. Again, from …

FILE - In this June 30, 2014 file photo, French economist Thomas Piketty speaks during his seminar at the Almedalen political week in Visby on the island of Gotland, in Sweden. Novelist Marilynne Robinson, economist Piketty and cartoonist Roz Chast are among the finalists for National Book Critics Circle prizes. The 30 nominees for six competitive categories were announced Monday, Jan. 19, 2015.  (AP Photo/Janerik Henriksson, File) SWEDEN OUT

Why So Few American Economists Are Studying Inequality

Wealth at the top of the income distribution is skyrocketing, leading to growing inequality. This trend is especially pronounced in the United States. But much of the leading research on the topic isn’t coming from American economists. A French economist, Thomas Piketty, wrote the blockbuster 2013 book Capital in the 21st Century about the growth of extreme wealth inequality; Piketty and (French) Berkeley …


Stephen Zunes – The Death of One of Washington’s Favorite Tyrants

The death of long-time Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov has brought rare U.S. media attention to the Central Asian country of 30 million. Uzbekistan is ranked among the half dozen worst countries in the world for human-rights abuses. What U.S. government officials and our media mostly ignore, however, is that American taxpayers subsidized that regime and its brutal security apparatus for most of …


Stephen Lendman – Fabricated Claims About Russian “Covert Plot” to Disrupt US Elections

Hillary is so irreparably tainted and unfit to serve, her key strategy is diverting attention from her wrongdoing two ways – bashing Trump beyond customary campaign jousting and spreading misinformation and Big Lies about Russia, using the media as press agents to do her dirty work. Neocon Washington Post editors and staff one-sidedly support her, one of many examples of …


Ken Klippenstein – Kissinger’s Corpses: A Look at Pinochet’s FBI File

ith Henry Kissinger’s name back in the news, so are the facts of his ghoulish tenure as national security advisor and secretary of state under the Nixon and Ford administrations. Among the most infamous was the role Kissinger played in supporting the brutal military dictator of Chile, General Augusto Pinochet, whom Kissinger once told: “We are sympathetic with what you are …


TED RALL – What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About Uzbekistan

Death is usually a sad event. The passing of a world leader, particularly one who brought stability to a tense part of the Muslim world for several decades, is typically cause for concern. The death of Uzbekistani president Islam Karimov is not typical. For the majority of the long-oppressed citizens of Uzbekistan, the end of one of the world’s bloodiest …

Focus on the Facts – 08.30.16

The guest was Fiona Barnett, an MK Ultra survivor and Australia’s most recognized and vocal Whistleblower on VIP pedophilia. She was introduced to the pedophile network by her Nazi war criminal grandparents. As a child, Fiona was raped by 3 Australian Prime Ministers and other politicians, US President, Richard Nixon and famous actors. She was trafficked internationally and was drugged and raped by prominent Americans, such as Billy Graham and Ted Turner, who attended pedophile parties at Disneyland and Bohemian Grove.


Go Harrison – 08.29.16

GUESTS: Andrew Goldman Background Summary: Counsel for Policy and Legal Affairs for Knowledge Ecology International. Goldman is an attorney and consumer advocate who primarily works on the use of national and international law to lower drug prices. Here’s his full bio: http://keionline.org/andrewgoldman https://www.facebook.com/wcobmlive/videos/1087871244631784/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2CX-mnJfwI GUESTS: Jay Ponti Peace Activist & Orgnizer: The way forward Background Summary: https://www.facebook.com/wcobmlive/videos/1089550761130499/ GUESTS: Ioannis Melssinidis …