The Gary Null Show – 11.23.15

Hal Niedzviecki is a Canadian journalist, author and social critic who is highly regarded for his astute perceptions in deconstructing the illusions of the high tech industry, popular fads and contemporary lifestyles, and its’ many promises being sold to people. For years his research has focused upon the role future possibilities drive companies, technologies and different philosophies. He is the publisher of Broken Pencil, a leading underground publication devoted to sub cultures. His articles have appeared in publications throughout the world including the New York Times, Utne, the British Globe and Mail, Playboy and others. Among his books is The Peep Diaries which became a documentary aired by the Canadian Broadcast Company, and more recently “Trees on Mars: Our Obsession with the Future” which has been praised by many progressives for its insights into the agendas behind futurist studies to predict, own and sell the future. His website is AlongCameTomorrow.com