Warrior Connection – 04.12.15

Why are so many of our young Military personnel so messed up?

Many people think that Wounded Warriors are mainly comprised of those who have gone overseas to defend our Country. That is true to a great extent, but many of those who have not been deployed are also showing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.


The Suicide-Mass Murder Connection: A Growing Epidemic

The harsh reality of suicide is shrouded in mystery. Unknown to most Americans is the fact that suicide is sharply on the rise, particularly among the middle-aged. Suicide used to be concentrated primarily among the elderly. The dramatic rise in suicide among the middle-aged is a disturbing new trend over the last ten years. See a related article on the changing patterns and …

Military aggression

The Art of Becoming Human

About 180,000 people enlist in the United States military each year, many of whom will come home with physical injuries or psychological damage. Recruits are trained to kill, taught to de-humanize others, to participate in torture, but are expected to forget upon returning to civilian life. That 22 veterans commit suicide per day is a grim reminder not only of the harsh …

children under pressure

Is the Intense Pressure to Succeed Sabotaging Our Children?

Last week in Pennsylvania, a 13-year-old named Cayman Haib(link is external) killed himself after receiving an email from his private school that he was behind in his homework. Obviously, every suicide has deep and complex causes. It would be conjecture to assume that the pressure to succeed at school was the prime driving force behind Cayman’s decision to take his own life. That said, hopefully his death will …