Resistance Radio – Suzanne Kelly, Ph.D – 04.17.16

Suzanne Kelly, Ph.D is an independent scholar whose work spans the topics of the environment, feminism, sex, and death. For nearly a decade she has been researching, writing, talking, and teaching about green burial. Currently she serves as the committee chair of the town of Rhinebeck Cemetery in New York, where she led the effort to establish a green burial ground. Kelly writes and farms in her home the Hudson Valley.


Suzanne Kelly – Green Burial: More Than an Eco-Conscious Choice

Hybrid cars, backyard composters and household rain barrels have much in common with green burial these days. Opting for a biodegradable casket or shroud and forgoing chemical embalming and the use of a burial vault are just a few more eco-choices Americans now have in the midst of overwhelming environmental problems. Over the last decade or more news stories have done …