Gareth Porter – Why the US pushes an illusory Syrian peace process

The notion that a political settlement will take place lacks credibility – the realities on the ground in Syria won’t allow it The anti-Assad coalition led by the United States continues to stagger toward the supposed objective of beginning peace negotiations between the Syrian government and what has now been blessed as the politically acceptable “opposition”. The first such meeting …


Syria Refugees Praise Russian Airstrikes, Consider Returning

Syrian refugees have supported Russian airstrikes, and may already be returning as the prospects for peace in Syria grow with Russia’s aerial operation. Syrian refugees have welcomed Russian airstrikes, and some may even be returning from abroad as the Syrian army advances alongside the Russian air operation. Read More


Alexei Anishchuk – Putin Gains Record Support Among Russians Over Syria, Poll Shows

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public approval rating has reached a record 89.9 percent since he ordered his military to begin air strikes in support of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, according to a state-run polling center. Support for Putin hit the new peak in an Oct. 17-18 poll of 1,600 people conducted in 46 regions of Russia, an increase of 3.3 …


Avaaz: The Lobbyist that Masquerades as Online Activism

In the digital era, activism has turned into clicktivism and Ricken Patel, founder of Avaaz.org has capitalized on the globalization of the world through the internet. Avaaz claims to be a “world in action” that brings the campaigning community together by empowering people through “decision-making worldwide”. Avaaz has given a “voice” to those who do not want to join in …


The Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence

Reports that US and British aircraft carrying arms to ISIS have been shot down by Iraqi forces have been met with shock and denial in western countries. Few in the Middle East doubt that Washington is playing a ‘double game’ with its proxy armies in Syria, but some key myths remain important amongst the significantly more ignorant western audiences. A …