Meditations and Molotovs – 08.22.16

AUGUST 22nd: On today’s program, Vince explores a wide-range of issues, from the ways in which media consolidation colors our collective culture, to the absurdity of nationalism and why he loathes the Olympics. This off-script show is sure to entertain.


Alternative Visions – Trump’s Speech: Pandering to Working Class Discontent – 07.22.16

Jack examines in detail Trump’s acceptance speech and its non-traditional Republican themes criticizing Free Trade, US national debt, NAFTA, China, offshoring, taxes, military spending-NATO, and related topics. Trade issues are paramount but represent pandering to working class discontent over the loss of jobs, wage income decline, and chronic US economic insecurity since 2000. Trump’s specific proposals for trade are dissected, including his claims to ‘tear up’ NAFTA, impose 35%-45% tariffs on Mexico and China, stop China currency manipulation, offshoring, anti-immigration wall, etc.—all of which represent pandering to working class discontent. Trumponomics = ‘Law and Order First’ economic recovery plan. How Trump is cleverly targeting disaffected working class voters in key swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida as key to an electoral victory in November. Jack predicts the election outcome will depend on who, Trump or Clinton, is able to turn in those states the white working class, un- and under-employed 20-something youth, Hispanic, and independents voting blocs in those key states. Who has the bigger base, and who (Trump or Hillary) can turn out more of that base in these key states will determine the outcome. Trump has the advantage currently in turnout, Jack concludes as Hispanics and disaffected youth may sit home during the election. Trump could win. Much will depend on the TV debates.


Expat Files – 05.20.16

#1- Working “Off the Books” in Latin America: The poop on gringos and Expats working under the Latin tax radar.

#2– In their home countries, local Latins are experts at evading taxes – It’s a region where tax evasion is the national sport.

#3- Don’t believe it when a web search reveals certain tax rates – Personal or otherwise – In any particular Latin country. In reality they are much, lower and here’s why…

#4-In Latin America, Labor unions have not gone the way of the dodo like they’ve done in the states – In fact quite the opposite. Here’s the scoop…

#5- For many years poor Nicaraguans have been slipping illegally into Costa Rica looking for jobs and a better life. Working class Costa Ricans don’t like it one bit (Sound Familiar?) and are actively seeking them out and having them deported

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Held in and around Guatemala, Central America- “off the Gringo tourist trail”, Saturday July 9th thru Thursday July 14th. Click the link on top of the www.TheNewExpat.com main-page or email: theexpatfiles@gmail.com or, or click on the link below (or paste it in your browser)


Revealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income

The full scale of the financial rout facing millennials is revealed today in exclusive new data that points to a perfect storm of factors besetting an entire generation of young adults around the world. A combination of debt, joblessness, globalisation, demographics and rising house prices is depressing the incomes and prospects of millions of young people across the developed world, …


Errors, fraud, lies, and William Saletan – GM papaya: Saviour or health risk?

In Part 1 of this series we saw how Saletan used his Slate magazine piece to blame the critics of golden rice for the blindness and death of countless malnourished children, without making it clear that the real reasons this GMO crop is still unavailable are: 1. it has failed its field trials; 2. it hasn’t been safety tested; 3. it hasn’t …

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Economic Update – 03.29.15

Updates on Trans-Pacific Partnership secrets, the Heinz-Kraft merger, the overly costly, underperforming US medical care system, fines for Graco selling faulty child car-seats, China’s real-estate bubble, and estate tax repeal by Republican House. Response to listener on property: private versus public. Major discussion of how system change happened in the past and and how in capitalism today.

Legal cannabis generating so much tax revenue in CO that government may have to give some back to residents!

The Colorado legislature is desperately trying to finagle its way out of having to refund an excess of tax revenues generated from legal cannabis sales in the Centennial State. So much tax money has been brought into the state’s coffers since marijuana was legalized in 2014 that a portion of it will have to be refunded to taxpayers in accordance …