Ask The Blood Detective – Cancer, underlying causes a natural solutions – 01.07.17

Dr. Michael Wald is author of Cancer and Nutrition a professional level book that explores what goes wrong causing cancer. During this fascinating and practical show topic Dr. Michael Wald, the blood detective, will provide an evidence-based discussion that Dispelling many of the myths surrounding the use of natural health and nutritional supplements for cancer prevention, treatment and how nutrition impacts surgery, radiation and chemo therapy. Learn what your doctor may not know and make educated healthcare choices. Dr. Wald be reached at 914-242-8844 at his office Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco. Www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com


Catherine J Frompovich – Are Criminal Medical Interventions Damaging Everyone?

What health effects accrue to—and cost or penalize—healthcare consumers as consequences from the allegations made in the above statements by Marcia Angell, MD [4], who, by the way, is very qualified to offer those remarks. No one in Congress, which has oversight, or other federal agencies, seems inclined to investigate and/or divest Big Pharma of its bear-trap-like stranglehold on the …

red meat

7 Giant Lies About Red Meat Promoted by the Meat Industry By Martha Rosenberg

In 2005, the USDA rolled out a new food pyramid [3] reducing red meat’s place in a healthy diet. Recently, an advisory committee developing [4] the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which are revamped every five years, said Americans should eat less red meat and processed meat in favor of a “diet higher in plant-based foods.” Committee members wrote that a red meat-based diet “has a …


Walking May Save Your Life – Maylin Rodriguez-Paez

When most people think about exercising, they usually think about long hours at the gym performing grueling exercises. No wonder so many dread it. But in reality, visiting the gym isn’t really necessary. In fact, something as simple as walking can be enough to provide valuable health benefits — according to a study from the University of Cambridge. The study found that …