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Black Agenda Radio – 11.27.17

Welcome to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective. I’m Glen Ford, along with my co-host Nellie Bailey. Coming up: Donald Trump’s election has sparked dramatic growth in recruitment for left-wing political organizations, including the Workers World Party, which held its national conference in Newark, New Jersey. The Democratic Party and U.S. …


The Gary Null Show – 06.17.16

On “The Gary Null Show” today Gary had a quick health and healing segment and then read a new original article as well as speak with Mr. Barry Lando. Click on the articles below to learn more.



Along with the belief that vaccines are “safe and effective” come other beliefs. There is a belief that vaccines do not cause autism, that vaccine reactions are rare, and so on. This is what the public is told about vaccines through the mainstream media. Despite these beliefs having no basis in scientific reality, they are continually reinforced by propaganda-laden journalism. …


Media Take Diet Advice From Coke-Funded Academics

Readers of USA Today, the LA Times and Atlantic Monthly might expect that prominent university professors quoted as independent experts on obesity would relay objective information based on the best science. They would be wrong. Over the past few months, through excellent investigative work, journalists Anahad O’Connor and Candice Choi unmasked a scheme that should look familiar to anyone following …


Why College Isn’t (and Shouldn’t Have to be) for Everyone

I know a high school senior who’s so worried about whether she’ll be accepted at the college of her choice she can’t sleep. The parent of another senior tells me he stands at the mailbox for an hour every day waiting for a hoped-for acceptance letter to arrive. Parents are also uptight. I’veheard of some who have stopped socializing with …